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Zinc Boost Review
Zinc Boost Review

PUBLISHED: 10/25/2013 by BR Publishing
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Zinc Boost

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Zinc Boost is a dietary supplement based on a single trace mineral. The company behind the product is Golden Glow, which started 35 years ago in Australia. It focuses on manufacturing herbal remedies, minerals, vitamins, and supplements in addition to a wide selection of skin and hair products and chemical free cleaning products. According to their statements, customers are very pleased with their services.

Zinc Boost is claimed to promote wellness and a boost in general health, especially for the immune system function. Additional Zinc is also believed to support the healing of wounds, good management of stress and a healthy skin. Moreover, Zinc plays an important role in the normal functioning of the male reproductive system. This formula is especially recommended for the elderly, as they may need supplementation of zinc. There are not many claims and information about the product on the company’s website, but since it only contains one ingredient, it may be considered that all the known facts about this trace mineral are applicable to this formula. For example, many studies confirm that providing the organism with the ideal amount of Zinc may prevent several medical conditions and the adequate dosage depend on different factors such as age and medical background.

Zinc Boost Ingredients

Zinc Boost contains the following ingredients: Zinc Amino Acid Chelate.

Product Features

Zinc is responsible for various functions in the body and it is known to help stimulate of over one hundred enzymes. This element plays a role in synthesizing DNA, supporting normal growth in the childhood, healing wounds, etc. Our body needs only small amounts of Zinc, but it is vital for us as it activates T-cells, which regulate the immune responses. Also, this ingredient is known for its benefits in preventing and treating diarrhea. Research revealed that Zinc has a crucial role in the good functioning of memory and learning since it influences the ways neurons communicate with each other. This implies the fact that it may have possible benefits for ADHD.

Supplementation based on this trace mineral was found to contribute to reducing the symptoms of common cold up to 40%. Least but not last, Zinc may support healthy skin and mucosal membranes and have shown to be a great help for wound healing. For this reason, it may have a significant role in treating acne. However, it has several side-effects such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, headaches, and diarrhea. Deficiencies in Zinc are linked to impotence, depression, altered cognition, and hair loss. It is obvious now that one’s diet should include this important mineral (without abusing it).

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  • The price of Zinc Boost is relatively low.
  • One bottle is more than enough for one month’s supply.
  • Active ingredient is essential for a good functioning of the body.


  • Zinc has a variety of possible side effects.
  • There are no testimonials available on the website.
  • The shipping charges may be high, since the company is established in Australia.


Zinc Boost by Golden Glow is a single ingredient supplement, which is claimed to enhance the immune system among other various benefits, as it may improve the skin health, heal wounds, contribute to the good functioning of the brain, support healthy growth, etc. The consumer should not exceed the recommended dosage, which is one tablet daily or as suggested by a healthcare professional. There are numerous supplements of this kind on the market, so you should always look for alternatives. However, considering the good track of the company, Zinc Boost should be a suitable choice for the common consumer who needs additional Zinc or simply looks for an improvement in his or her overall health.

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