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Zell Immunocomplex Review
Zell Immunocomplex Review

PUBLISHED: 09/25/2012 by BR Publishing
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Zell Immunocomplex

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Zell Immunocomplex is a multi-nutrient formula designed to provide support for detoxification processes in the body with a minimum of unpleasant symptoms and to support the immune system function. The formula manufactured by Regenerative Nutrition may also assist with a number of other conditions such as in the reduction of Candida type symptoms, in energy production and support of sustained effort in athletes, in restoring cellular respiration, in improving nervous system function, in repairing damaged cells and organs, while also acting as an antioxidant.

Regenerative Nutrition is a U.S. based company founded in 1994. Today, the company offers more than 100 products designed to assist consumers in a wide range of health needs, from psoriasis and panic attacks to anorexia and meningitis. The company claims it is a pioneer in natural health and continues to develop and market a large pallet of natural supplements.

Zell Immunocomplex is designed exclusively for adult use. The formula is also available to individuals with acute sensitiveness (and is called Zell Oxygen).

Zell Immunocomplex Ingredients

Zell Immunocomplex includes the following ingredient: Selected concentrated fruit & vegetable complexes (only from organic cultivation); blossom honey, fruit & vegetable concentrates 22% (with apple, orange, grapefruit, lemon, Jerusalem artichoke, pear, sea buckthorn, aronia, cranberry, rose-hip, bilberry, elder, blackcurrant, carrot, beetroot, tomato extract with lycopene), all organically sourced, vitamin yeast, alcohol (forms naturally during the fermentation process), wheat-germ oil, powdered acerola juice, vitamins, Glucanes 1%, zinc yeast 0.7%, selenium yeast 0.3%, wheat-germ extract, chromium yeast 0.06% and natural pineapple flavoring.

Product Features

Zell Immuncomplex is a natural preparation containing amino acids, Glucanes, enzymes, coenzymes, trace elements and secondary plant substances. The natural formula contains a broad spectrum of natural nutrients designed to boost the immune system.

The formula contains a number of essential minerals such as Chromium, Selenium and Zinc, found here in relatively larger quantities than normally found in foods. Chromium is beneficial for digestion and plays an essential role in moving blood sugar (glucose) from the bloodstream into the cells, where it is used as energy and to turn fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. Selenium has powerful antioxidant properties, but plays an extremely important role in the well functioning of the immune system. Selenium signals cytokines, cells that then alarm the immune system that there is an infection or disease in the body. Zinc is also used to boos immune system and for a number of other health conditions such as eye and ear infections, high blood pressure and psoriasis.

Beta Glucan is a soluble fiber with potential benefits on lowering cholesterol, controlling blood sugar and reducing blood pressure. Some scientists believe it also plays a role in the immune system function. Particularly, they claim that Beta Glucan stimulates the immune system and fights cancer. The Maitake mushroom extract, a good source of Beta Glucan, is frequently used to fight cancer because it apparently stimulates white blood cells that fight cancer development.

The recommended daily dose of Zell Immunocomplex depends on the purpose of the treatment. Therefore, for maintenance use the manufacturer recommends taking 30 ml per day, for assisting with particular health issues a maximum 60ml daily dosage is required and if used for detoxification, 50ml 2 or 3 times daily for up to three days should be administered. We cannot assess whether the formula works or not, since there are no consumer reviews online to consult.

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  • Natural formulation with a broad spectrum of benefits;
  • Liquid form makes it easy to be administered;
  • Free of lactose, gluten, pigments, preservatives, artificial additives and colors.


  • Under certain conditions side effects may occur;
  • Lack of consumer reviews to verify if the claimed benefits are valid;
  • Relatively expensive (approximately $31 for a maximum 8 days’ supply with 30 ml/day dosage).


Zell Immunocomplex is a formula containing many essential nutrients and chemicals needed for the body to function properly. Specific benefits of Zell Immunocomplex include immune system health and detoxification support. A number of secondary benefits derive from these two core benefits.

Although there are no consumer testimonials to be consulted and help us evaluate the formula’s effectiveness, we believe Zell Immunocomplex has the credentials to work. Its ingredients have been studied extensively and linked to the immune function one way or another. Also, the formula is free of artificial preservatives, colorants or flavorings making it an excellent natural alternative. We advise you to carefully read the label prior to use, and, as much as possible, to ask a medical opinion before use.

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Zell Immunocomplex Review
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7 User Reviews about Zell Immunocomplex
  1. 2

    I am now reading a book titled Successful biological conrol of cancer by PG Seeger and S Wolz in which details of Zell Oxygen the forerunner of Zell Immunocomplex, worth research and a read.

    • 5

      Hi Fred,

      Though a natural formula, Zell Immunocomplex was created for human use exclusively and dosage would be very difficult to establish in birds. I strongly recommend that you get advice from a qualified avian vet on this matter.

      BR Editor

  2. 6

    I am looking for information on Zell Immunocomplex, but i am not getting the information i am looking for on this product can you please send me the proper information Thank you

    • 7

      I have taken this product for over 1 week. I am very disappointed since taking it my tummy has swelled and is bloated all the time. I have changed nothing in my diet and have a very good diet. I took this as I felt run down after a flu and serious of colds. Maybe it’s just me but not happy and have stopped taking it.