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Wrist Relief Review
Wrist Relief Review

PUBLISHED: 09/27/2013 by brreader
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Wrist Relief

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Wrist Relief is a natural dietary supplement designed to relieve the joint inflammation and protect the tissues from the tendons areas. This wrist support was manufactured by the well known Canadian Company, Bell Lifestyle Product, in the USA. After almost 20 years of research in the field, this producer says that it is helping people improve their quality of life, developing, in parallel, over 50 natural supplements. This company has not focused on the study of one body part, to create formulas especially for it. Their belief is that most problems of the body can be prevented and treated with herbs help. For that reason, this supplement is a product made in a large extent from plants.

The joints are very fragile areas of the body, so any misstep can lead to damage of tissue. Advancing age or eating problems cause certain deficiencies in body, that make your tendons more sensitive. A natural supplement brings extra antioxidants that fight inflammation, since their early condition.

Wrist Relief is not the only type of wrist support on the market, but the biggest difference between it and other similar products is, according to the manufacturer, that by this time, no undesirable side effects occurred because Bell’s product.

Wrist Relief Ingredients

Wrist Relief contains the following ingredients: Curcumin, omega 3 fish oil, bromelain, meadowsweet, boswella, fever few, butcher’s broom, B2, and B6.

Product Features

Wrist Relief is a natural supplement which supports the inflamed tendons recovery. The recipe is composed of a multitude of herbs and vitamins and contains an important element: omega 3 fish oil.

Very few people know that omega 3 fatty acids are very good anti-inflammatory agents. This ingredient is actually fighting against pain caused by joint inflammation. While fish oil calms pain, the curcumin (plant used for centuries in Chinese medicine) has a double effect. Being a strong antioxidant, it can relieve muscle pain, joint pain and even headaches, in the same time.

The Bromelain is an ingredient extracted from pineapple, used even in folk medicine. This substance deals with the aesthetics of inflammation, namely swelling. Traditionally, it was used to treat acute and painful inflammation and now it is frequently used in alternative medicine.

Taking this product is not risky, because it is a natural supplement without contraindications. There has not been demonstrated occurrences of negative side effects until now. However, it is recommended to carefully read the ingredient list before taking it because you must make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Also, any idea of a medical consultation is not negligible.

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  • Is a natural treatment for inflamed joints
  • Has the effect of relieving pain
  • It is safe and has no negative side effects
  • It is produced by a company with nearly 20 years of experience in this field


  • There is no specialized study to prove the effectiveness of this supplement
  • Manufacturer’s website does not provide a free trial offer
  • The product shipping costs are quite high


Wrist Relief may be a effective solution for inflamed joints, judging by the testimonials on the manufacturer’s website. The absence of a free trial offer is a drawback in the buyer decision, however, although the manufacturer’s website states that the difference between its product and all other products for joints is that this one has no negative side effects.

If you decide to try a natural supplement to help you recapturing your joints healthy tissue, you can try it, because if you will not be satisfied with this product, you will receive your money back. In fact, this is how Bell Lifestyle Product guarantees for its produces.

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