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Work Juice Review
Work Juice Review

PUBLISHED: 10/10/2016 by BR Publishing
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Work Juice

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Work Juice is advertised as a unique and powerful brain supplement that not only can it support and improve memory, but it also aims to reduce stress and enhance mood.

Work Juice is produced by an US company called Brain Forza. Their official website is quite informative and easily navigable. For each supplement, they give a short descriptive overview, followed by a full list of the supplement facts sheet, and of course a detailed explanation of what each ingredient can do. The company sells several different cognitive enhancing supplements in capsule form, immune system related organic mushrooms and nootropic bulk powders.


Work Juice contains the following ingredients: KSM-66 Ashwagandha Extract (600 mg), Bacognize Bacopa Extract (300 mg), Rhodiola Rosea Extract (250 mg), Lemon Balm (200 mg), Ginkgo Biloba Extract (120 mg), XandraPure Organix (115 mg), Schizandra Extract (110 mg), Red Ginseng Extract (100 mg), N-Acetyl-Cysteine (100 mg).

Product Features

The manufacturer makes some bold claims regarding their product but based on these claims alone we can tell right off the bat that their approach is not that far away from the right track. By reducing stress levels, our brain becomes better-adjusted and ready to focus for longer periods of time. According to Brain Forza, Work Juice is a brain supplement that can help users overcome stress and mood battles at work or at school. By doing that, Work Juice can, in theory, provide higher productivity, better focus, and a better overall brain function.

At first glance, the list of ingredients is quite strange and different from what we are used to see in other similar brain supplements.

Let’s start with ashwagandha, an ancient herb claimed to work by calming the brain, lowering blood pressure and improve our immune system. Several clinical studies have indicated that ashwagandha has successfully reduced anxiety levels and improved symptoms of ADHD.

Another herbal ingredient is Rhodiola Rosea, a well-know plant in traditional Chinese medicine that has been proven to reduce fatigue and exhaustion during stressful situations. Although Rhodiola Rosea does not increase energy levels, it counteracts lethargy and reduces anxiety.

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Sale Price: $44.95

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Store: Amazon.com


  • The official website contains a lot of useful information about Work Juice.
  • The formula contains several proven ingredients.
  • Reputable manufacturer.
  • Affordable price compared to other similar brain supplements.
  • Lots of positive reviews and testimonials available online.


  • The formula contains several less popular ingredients in brain supplementation (Chaenomeles Speciosa fruit extract, Red Wine extract, Barberry extract, or Beta-Methylphenethylamine).
  • Work Juice contains caffeine.
  • The formula was build around herbal extracts, which are not particularly effective at penetrating the brain blood barrier.


Work Juice may be an effective brain supplement that is also affordable compared to other similar supplements. However, since many ingredients used in this formulation are quite uncommon and lack some relevant scientific backup, we recommend that you check with your physician before taking Work Juice.

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