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Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator Review
Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator Review

PUBLISHED: 06/01/2013 by BR Moderator
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Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator

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Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator is promoted as a dietary supplement that works in assistance with a proper diet for the improvement for muscular growth, skin texture, fat burning, physical recovery, and promotion of a healthy libido. The product bases its positive effects on the HGH, an abbreviation for the human growth hormone.

The brand behind this product is named Bronx Wild Bull Sports Nutrition and the advertised results refer to a proper balance between the beneficial and the price of the products. Unlike other businesses, the producers of this remedy have articles about the featured ingredients on their official website and provide a good customer support. In addition, they sell gym related as well as box training accessories.

Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator relies on the action of a combination between two amino-acids and some additives, all having increased HGH levels as compared to other formulas. This is in fact type of replica of Isadori’s formula. He was one of the individuals who studied the influence of the hormonal release during an oral administration with a series of amino-acids and the result was an enhanced production and proper balance in the organism. The levels of this hormone inside the body are important because starting with twenty years of age, people experience a progressive decrease.

Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator Ingredients

Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator contains the following ingredients: Arginine Pyroglutamate, L-Lysine, and additives.

Product Features

Promoted as a product that helps reestablish human growth hormone levels within the organism, Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator promises to have a positive influence on general health, but with focus on areas or functions such as fat burning, sleep, weight maintenance, promotion of a reliable libido, and physical endurance. It features two core ingredients that are completed by a series of additives.

Found in pretty high amounts in this remedy, Arginine Pyroglutamate is an amino-acid which can cross the blood-brain-barrier or the BBB. The effect of this feature is represented by a stimulation of pituitary gland which is believed to have some minor age-reversing results. Despite the fact that the FDA views this ingredient as only a food supplement, there are a lot of individuals and some studies that point out it may be more than this. On the other hand, in order to achieve good results on its usage, it’s better not to take it alongside analgesic or antihistamine.

The second ingredient featured in Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator is L-Lysine. Research shows that this component is in fact an essential amino-acid which is found in foods that are protein-rich such as red meat, cheese, eggs, some fish, and soy. Overall, it has a positive impact on pain alleviation, may help treat some sore colds and influences overall well-being and growth.

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  • It is a replica from a formula of Dr. Isodore who has researched the impact of its contained amino-acids on the human growth hormone
  • The quantities utilize don’t exceed the daily suggested dosage
  • Most of customer testimonials point towards good results


  • None of the producer claims was tested by the Food and Drug Administration
  • It may have no effect if the treatment is taken with antihistamine or analgesics
  • Children under fifteen as well as pregnant or lactating females can’t take this supplement


All in all Bronx Wild Bull 2 Amigos GH Stimulator is presented a dietary supplement which was created to improve overall health with particular focus on areas such as weight maintenance, sleep improvement, physical recovery a good libido. Unfortunately, its usage is not destined for females who are either lactating or pregnant and children under fifteen years of age. The formulation on which the product is based is actually mixture of two amino-acids and certain additives meant to complete its effects.

Despite the fact that not all ingredients have been tested and the producer’s statements haven’t been FDA researched yet, testimonials behind it are divided and there are some individuals who believe in its effects.

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