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White Mulberry Leaf Extract Review
White Mulberry Leaf Extract Review

PUBLISHED: 01/04/2018 by BR Publishing
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White Mulberry Leaf Extract

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Want to support your weight loss, strengthen your immune system and lower your blood sugar naturally? BioGanix White Mulberry Leaf Extract could be the right product for you. It is a natural antioxidant rich herbal formula with enormous benefits. White Mulberry Leaf Extract is designed and manufactured by “BioGanix.” It comes in pure and edible tablets (Vegetable Capsules) and contains several healthy antioxidants which could help combat free radicals. It supports weight loss by controlling your appetite, sugar cravings, and say goodbye to sugar crashes.


White Mulberry Leaf Extract contains the following ingredients: White Mulberry Leaf Extract (Morus Alba) [standardized to 1% alkaloids (1-deoxynojirimycin), 15% flavonoids (quercetin and isoquercetin)].

Product Features

White Mulberry Leaf Extract has been used as a health tonic in Asia for years, helping individuals maintain optimum levels of glucose in the blood and support cardiovascular health. This ingredient was featured on a famous TV Dr’s show for its numerous health benefits and contains many vitamins, antioxidants and even compounds that inhibit the digestion of sugar, to lower calorie intake and accelerate weight loss. It is mostly used as mulberry leaf tea, powder or syrup, but BioGanix now offers mulberry extract in convenient vegetable capsules.

This supplement is a weight loss support formula albeit with a twist to it as it can also be consumed for promoting healthy and balanced levels of blood sugar and insulin. The formula also helps in areas of controlling the cravings for carbs and carbohydrates and suppressing your appetite. The product will help with helping you feel fuller for a longer period, so a consumer does not have to deal with hunger pangs. All these functions help with bringing down the amounts of calories you take in every day.

The manufacturers claim that the formula is made up of soluble fibers and natural ingredients produced to the high-quality standards of advanced technology. The active ingredients work together to realize the objectives of the supplement in a wholesome way.

Mulberry Extract 100mg – It has hypoglycemic properties and enriched with antioxidants that help neutralize the harmful effects of free radicals. It also helps promote the immune system given its alkaloids component which stimulates the macrophages and white blood cells.

Morus Alba – It helps with lowering blood lipids and cholesterols, boosting lipid metabolism and regulating blood glucose levels. Some studies also indicate that it helps ease constipation, minimizes the risks of colon cancer, and slows down the absorption of cholesterols and sugar in the digestive tract.

Quercetin and Isoquercetin ‗ Both substances are known to boost the burning of fats in the body, thus helps control your appetite.

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  • Maintains healthy blood sugar levels & may stimulate energy production
  • Help regulate high blood pressure & cholesterol levels
  • Supports healthy weight loss and reduces food cravings.
  • Promotes cardiovascular health & neutralize free radicals.


  • This product may cause spikes in blood sugar according to some consumers.
  • Can interact with blood clotting drugs.


BioGanix White Mulberry Leaf Extract is a good quality product considering it fulfills its promises. The best thing is that it works well for everyone as it favors even those individuals on a vegetarian diet. It is a supplement that offers its users a variety of diverse and yet much-correlated ingredients that provide healthy weight loss and blood sugar regulating effects.

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