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Whey Protein Review
Whey Protein Review

PUBLISHED: 09/07/2013 by breditor
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Whey Protein

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Whey Protein is a supplement which could be integrated in your everyday life, with mostly benefits, as it provides additional protein for your body, which is used as fuel for almost everything you do. Active people that practice sports or go regularly to the gym, are going to benefit the most from this supplement, as it will help them nourish their torn tissue and gain strength and muscle, along with extra energy for the day. It is claimed that if you add this product to your diet, you will see results in a relatively short period of time, regardless of your goals. Many athletes recommend the use of protein shakes, as they only provide benefits, and help you achieve better results.

Alfa Vitamins is a company which was founded in the year of 2001, and they have been manufacturing a lot of different things, all which target the good health of our body and its functions. They are located in Doral City, Florida, and at the moment, they are shipping to 51 countries and have set a goal for the future, and that is to raise that number. This company has over 1600 retail outlets, scattered evenly in that big number of countries, offering its merchandise and receiving endless feedback, with a lot of diversity involved. Whey Protein is only one of many quality products offered by this manufacturer.

Whey Protein Ingredients

Whey Protein contains the following ingredients: Protein, calcium, sodium, potassium, whey protein concentrate, maltodextrin, vanilla flavor, sucralose, and guar gum.

Product Features

Whey Protein with concentrated powder has a simple yet effective formulation, as it is produced from milk, which results in a large amount of protein. They are made of one or more large chains of amino-acids, which catalyze metabolic reactions, and are required by our bodies. Just like a car needs fuel in order to work, we need to have a good intake in order to grow stronger, both mentally and physically. There have been made many studies which revolve around the benefits of protein, and which foods provide the most. This supplement is the result of applied knowledge, and through this type of intake, you will get the most out of the least, with the lowest carbohydrates. Mostly bodybuilders require the use of Whey Protein, because the body is at the peak of processing just after a workout, being the fastest way to meet the demands.

Calcium is another ingredient with a great importance, as it helps all of your bones grow stronger, providing a better health right from our very core, the skeletal system. Calcium also provides help to our blood vessels, and to the release of enzymes and hormones, which affect our functions and their performance. There are no side-effects that come along with the use of this supplement, and you should always consider going to a health-care practitioner in order to avoid them.

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  • Protein is the most important link of amino-acids required by our body in order to grow
  • The delivery of protein from Whey Protein is concentrated, being optimal
  • There is a quality money-back guarantee, just in any case


  • FDA has not evaluated this supplement
  • It contains a larger ammount of sodium than it is recommended daily


Whey Protein with concentrated powder is considered to be generally better than other supplements of this kind, through the blending techniques and carefully selected ingredients and dosages. Many people have sent their feedback which described their experience with this supplement, and so far, it has proven to be effective, with a very low percentage of occurring side-effects. There are many similar supplements, a matter which can become quite confusing sometimes, but through some easy research you will find out that Whey Protein is currently considered as one of the top products. Please consult a specialist before using any kind of supplement.

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