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Vitamin D3 Review
Vitamin D3 Review

PUBLISHED: 09/26/2016 by BR Publishing
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Vitamin D3

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Vitamin D3 is a potent vitamin supplement to overcome deficiency of vitamin D. It’s one of several products sold by California company Sports Research. They distribute 19 popular supplements which sometimes sell out. The company is best known for the workout cream Sweet Sweat, originally developed in 1977. They seem to be greatly concerned with overall health and making sure people exercise properly. For this product in particular, it doesn’t seem aimed at general use. It’s for people who need a supplement of very very high potency.


Vitamin D3 contains the following ingredients: Vitamin D3, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Softgel Capsule (kosher gelatin, kosher vegetable glycerin, purified water)

Product Features

People should not take more than the serving size (one capsule) listed on each bottle of this product. One capsule a day is the absolute maximum you should have. Any more than that, and you risk vitamin D toxicity. Sometimes there’s too much of a good thing. The coconut oil in this product also alleges that it increases absorption of D into the body, making abuse a possibility.

Vitamin D is necessary for healthy bones. It promotes calcium absorption and maintains levels. Without sufficient amounts of this vitamin your bones could become thin and brittle. It’s an important part of preventing osteoporosis. It also reduces inflammation and modulates cell growth while helping neuromuscular and immune function. The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies recommends that most people take in 600 IU of vitamin D daily. You can get away with less, but many Americans have a massive deficiency of vitamin D. Up to 50 percent of the population is thought to need more D. The less sunlight you see, the more you need. Even an average person may need 1000 IU a day.

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  • 5000 IU of vitamin D, which is highly effective for people with deficiencies. Prescription pills of vitamin D are often 3000 IU, and much more expensive than this product.
  • Includes extra virgin coconut oil for extra taste and health benefits. Capsules are also Kosher.


  • Some people think the capsules are too large. 5000 IU of vitamin D might be more than most people want, since taking even 2000 IU a day can bring your D levels up to normal.
  • Many people will prefer a smaller bottle, as 360 capsules is a lot. Most won’t need that much to combat a vitamin D deficiency.


This is one of the top 10 vitamin D3 supplements on Amazon with only 3 percent of the reviews being negative. It’s easy to see why, because for the quality and value, there are few products which can match this one. It’s high potency, with bottles giving you almost an entire year’s supply for a low price. You only need one capsule a day, and there’s coconut oil to help with absorption and taste. Do note that cloudy capsules is normal, simply because of the coconut. To eliminate a vitamin D deficiency fast, look no further than this product from Sports Research.

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