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Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual Review
Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual Review

PUBLISHED: 11/05/2012 by BR Publishing
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Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual

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Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual is advertised as a dietary supplement, specifically designed to help restore proper Vitamin B-12 levels within the human body. This product is particularly suited for people over fifty years old or vegetarians who don’t receive proper intakes from their daily diets. Produced and sold by Pharmavite, this remedy can is available internationally under the brand name of Nature Made. As a business, Pharmavite was established as the first USA company to be USP approved, thus their products benefit from a higher quality and better manufacturing conditions than similar supplements of this type.

The core effects of Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual, as claimed by the producers, are: maintenance of a healthy cognitive system, enhancement of cardiovascular health and improvement of the red cell blood formation processes. Vitamin B-12 is known to help maintain a healthy homocysteine level. High levels of  homocysteine have been associated to cardiovascular distress (stroke and heart attacks) associated with several types of cancer, including pancreas, breast, and ovary.

Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual Ingredients

Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual includes the following ingredients: Vitamin B-12 (1000 mg).

Product Features

Created to fulfill the needs of the people who suffer from a Vitamin B-12 deficiency, Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual is found in the form of micro-lozenges. It addresses specifically to elders and vegetarians, due to the fact that they are more exposed to this deficiency from their diets or their incapacity of properly absorbing this vitamin.

The compound of this remedy works by regulating the homocysteine levels in the body, therefore improving cognitive functions and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. It is important to keep in mind that a Vitamin B-12 deficiency generally leads to some issues that can be sometimes irreparable, such as: weakness, depression, fatigue and chronic pains. In addition, this ingredient has been used as an energy booster because of the role it possesses within the energy metabolism. On the other hand, the nutrient doesn’t have any effect if there is no deficiency. Because of this, only people who have determined that they lack Vitamin B-12, may truly benefit from this treatment.

Recent research has discovered some potential positive effects of Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual on treating cognitive diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s or mild depression. However, further studies are required.
Side effects that may occur during this treatment are: diarrhea, stomach pains, nausea and itching.

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  • The supplement is found in the form of micro-lozenges that are easily dissoluble.


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Like many other dietary supplements found on the market, Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual addresses specific needs. It is suggested for people over 50 years old and vegetarians who don’t receive proper amounts of this vitamin from their daily diets. In addition, people who develop a deficiency of B-12 due to their body’s incapacity to absorb it, should consider following this treatment. On the other hand, the effects may lack if the person who takes this supplement already has elevate B-12 levels. There may be some side effects when utilizing Nature Made Vitamin B-12 Sublingual, such as: diarrhea, itching or allergies and if any occur, it is advised to immediately stop.

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