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Vitality Products Pure Garlic Review
Vitality Products Pure Garlic Review

PUBLISHED: 02/13/2013 by BR Publishing
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Vitality Products Pure Garlic

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Vitality Products Pure Garlic is advertised as a garlic extract-based remedy which was created in order to offer the individual all the benefits related to consumption of garlic, but without its unpleasant odor. Additionally, the remedy features some nutrients which are known to be helpful with various nervous system conditions like heart disease risks and dementia. Manufacturer claims to utilize standardized dehydrated garlic during its production.

The business that currently creates and markets this remedy is called Vitality Products. It was established by L.W. Bob Brooks in 1980 and states that their main target is providing high quality dietary and nutritional supplementation to people from all around the world in order to help them achieve an enhanced lifestyle.

However, none of the statements made by the makers have not been approved by the Food and Drugs Administration and furthermore, the remedy does not intend to prevent, cure or treat any bodily ailment. Women who are pregnant or lactating are advised to consult their personal physician prior to beginning this treatment because it may harm their child.

Vitality Products Pure Garlic features nutrients such as sulphur, beta-carotene, beta-sitosterol, as well as many other that should determine a noticeable enhancement when it comes to the general health and well-being of the consumer.

Vitality Products Pure Garlic Ingredients

Vitality Products Pure Garlic includes the following ingredients: Pure-Gar Garlic Powder (Standardized), Allicin Yield, Thiosulfinates Yield, Alliin, Gammaglutamyl Cysteines, Total Sulphur, and Standardized Pure Garlic Powder.

Product Features

Due to the fact that garlic has been utilized in traditional medicine as a cure for a variety of ailments since ancient times, it is generally recommended as an ingredient that helps boost the body’s immune system as well as other organs and functions. There is a medieval European tradition which states that people used to consume garlic before going outside because they believe it will help their bodies defend against the plague. Furthermore, it was used as a gangrene prevention during the WW I and WW II.

Research demonstrated the positive effects possessed by garlic upon the human body, mostly related to prevention of some diseases like the hardening of the arteries, strokes, heart attacks, and atherosclerosis  Moreover, this ingredient it thought to have the ability to lower cholesterol levels, thus determining a decrease in blood pressure as well as a boost for the immune system.

But things don’t stop here. Garlic also has powerful antioxidant effects. Because antioxidants represent substances which aid the body’s ability to defend against harmful damage done by free radicals, Vitality Products Pure Garlic can be used by people going through chemotherapy or those who have a weak heart. There are few to none reported Vitality Products Pure Garlic side effects related to the usage of garlic in supplementation forms.

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  • Its effects are based on an ingredient which was used throughout history for a series of medical conditions such as plague
  • It is found at affordable prices and its manufacturer has a large experience on the nutritional field


  • None of the manufacturer claims have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration
  • There are few specification of Vitality Products Pure Garlic on the official manufacturer website and there is no consumer feedback posted there


As a standardized dehydrated garlic supplement which aims to offer all the benefits of its core ingredient, but without its unpleasant smell, Vitality Products Pure Garlic may help with a wide variety of ailments varying from nervous system conditions to immunity problems. Garlic has been known for its positive effects throughout the history, even in ancient times. Without any reported side-effects and found on moderate prices, this product can be afforded by people who desire to boost their immunity while also offering the daily nutritional intake which commonly misses from most of the people’s diets. Pregnant or lactating women should however consult their personal healthcare.

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