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Vital K + Ginseng Extra Review
Vital K + Ginseng Extra Review

PUBLISHED: 01/02/2017 by BR Publishing
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Vital K + Ginseng Extra

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Vital K+ Ginseng Extra is a Potassium, Iron and herbal energizing liquid supplement by the renowned futurebiotics. Itproposes a comprehensive herbal formula containing 14 herbs, 2 special ginsengs and eleuthero root and natural minerals. Vital K+ offers the additional value of Korean and American Ginsengs, plus Eleuthero Root, which intended to deliver whatever you need to maximize your performance induring your particular chores. Vital K+ Extra also holds the vital mineral Potassium. The significance of potassium has been acknowledged because of its basic role in electrolyte replacement, muscle function, and water and sodium balance. This supplement contains all the basic elements that is required for your balanced nutrition.


Vital K + Ginseng Extra contains the following ingredients: Iron (as ferric citrate) (6 mg), Potassium (as potassium iodide, sorbate and citrate) (293 mg), Vital K Blend (Korean ginseng root, American ginseng root, Eleuthero root, chamomile flower, sarsaparilla root, dandelion root, celery seed, alfalfa herb, horehound herb, Chinese licorice root, senega root, passion flower, thyme, genetian roo, saw palmetto berry, angelica root, schizandra fruit, astragalus root) (9.3 g).

Product Features

This valuable supplement contains advanced European Formula with Potassium, minerals and herbs. It is a convenient liquid dosage form and a vegetarian dietary supplement containing all the necessary natural ingredients.Potassium in the supplement is there toprovide several body functions such as the regulation of blood pressure, water content in cells, transmission of nerve impulses, digestion, muscle contraction, and heartbeat. It is highly-notable for playing a key role in electrolyte replacement. However, Iron is a mineral that plays a role in the transport of oxygen by the blood and can help in boosting energy.Vital K + Ginseng Extra includes an exclusive blend of energizing and adaptogenic herbs aimed to help get the most out of performance at work, home and during the condition of stress or during workouts. Furthermore, Korean and American Ginsengs and Eleuthero Root are there to enhance vitality. Ginseng’s task is equally considered to increase non-specific immune-stimulatory activity, whereas Eleuthero root acts as an adaptogen facilitating to intensify the body’s resistance to external negative forces and create an overall normalizing affect. Moreover, Vital K+ Ginseng Extra is free of added-stimulants that can cause harmful side effects. With the blend of natural ingredients, this supplement is easy to take and toothsome.

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  • This supplement carries with it numerous advantages that help you to stay focused and active.
  • Contains potassium that helps in regulation of blood pressure.
  • Transmission of nerve impulses.
  • Helps in easy digestion.
  • Muscle contraction.
  • Boost up energy by helping in the transport of oxygen by the blood.
  • Release tension and stress by making you stress free.
  • Increase the body’s resistance to external negative forces for a complete normal effect.
  • Make you free from jitters and worries.
  • The liquid dosage facilitates quick absorption and utilization of the nutrients.


  • Accidental overdose of iron-containing products is a leading cause of fatal poisoning especially in children under 6.
  • Warning includes that if you are taking a prescribed diuretic, or have impaired kidney function then consult a physician first before taking the supplement.
  • Keep it away from light and out of the reach of children.


The supplement is highly-recommended for the people who want an active lifestyle. As mentioned above there are no as such side effects of the supplement therefore you can without a doubt grab this product and enjoy the advantages. But remember overdose of such supplement can be problematic so take the supplement as prescribed by the physician.

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