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Vinpocetine Review
Vinpocetine Review

PUBLISHED: 06/06/2017 by BR Publishing
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There are many herbal supplements and products on the market that are claimed to treat a wide variety of health problems. One of the herbal ingredients that have proven to be effective is Vinpocetine. This natural remedy comes from the “Periwinkle Plants” and has been used for centuries for its ability to treat brain diseases which reduce cognitive ability.

This potential herb is extracted, pureed and packed in a supplement form by “Mental Refreshment Nutrition.” The company claims that their product can promote focus, mood, and memory, enhances mental clarity and combats memory loss from aging. If you are wondering what is Vinpocetine and how effective it is? Make sure that you read this exclusive product review to help you decide if this herbal remedy will benefit your health.


Vinpocetine contains the following ingredients: Vinpocetine includes the following ingredients: Vinpocetine 30 mg.

Product Features

Vinpocetine is derived from periwinkle, also known as Vinca minor. Although scientists have found a way to create this natural substance by unnatural means, it is essential that people use natural ingredient instead of lab-versions created. Unfortunately, continuous research has not found exactly how this ingredient works. What is known, is it can successfully increase blood flow to the brain and helps in delivering extra oxygen and nutrients.

When our brain does not receive the right amount of blood (i.e. oxygen and nutrients), decreased learning ability and cognitive function results. This is the reason why this drug has been used to successfully treat people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Although it helps serious illnesses of this type, it can also be used to effectively treat simple memory losses due to head injuries and other types of mental disorders.

Vinpocetine promotes blood flow, decrease blood thickness, enhance cognitive performance, cerebral metabolism by expanding blood vessels (vasodilatation) and short-term memory loss experienced with aging or stress. Research suggests it is also useful as a mood-enhancer supplement and can assist in stabilizing mood. Vinpocetine promotes energy production in the brain from the metabolism of glucose.

By taking this supplement, people immediately begin to feel that they are able to maintain their focus, prolong their attention span and think more clearly. Although the effects are not always immediate, continuous use offers significant benefits that allow people to think more efficiently while may experience better memory.

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  • It works as a vasodilator and blood boosting ingredient to help increase memory, focus and concentration.
  • This product can be bought directly from manufacturer’s website or online retailer like Amazon.
  • One bottle contains 200 capsules while each capsule is recommended once daily, so a single bottle provide over a six month supply


  • If taken higher than recommended dose, it may result in dizziness, nervousness, stomach Pain, headaches, nausea and facial flushing.
  • Not recommended for use by kids, pregnant and nursing mothers


Vinpocetine promotes brain metabolism and blood flow by decreasing blood thickness and expanding blood vessels, improves cognitive performance and short-term memory loss under stress or aging. It further assists glucose metabolism in the brain by helping to maintain healthy blood flow and oxygen consumption for greater concentration and better energy. This product is not intended for diagnostic or medical purposes, so always consult your doctor before purchasing it for some medicinal purpose.

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