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VC 15 Nerve Tonic Review
VC 15 Nerve Tonic Review

PUBLISHED: 11/08/2011 by BR Moderator
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VC 15 Nerve Tonic

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VC 15 Nerve Tonic is a brain supplement labeled for mood and anxiety disorders. The product is advertised as a temporary relief of minor symptoms associated with overwork, tension, stress or sleeplessness from worry. The supplement is manufactured by Biogenica.

According to their website, Biogenica represents the combination of traditional and modern medicine from every tradition in an effort to best serve their customer’s needs. The company’s products are “inspired” by Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Chinese, Tibetan, Shamanistic, Homeopathic, Sintergetic, Homotoxologic, Yogic, and Biotech traditions, all these combined with Quantum Physics in order to develop the top-of-the line products for their customers..

The same company is offering two 100% refund policies for VC 15 Nerve Tonic: first is the guarantee satisfaction policy (if you are not completely satisfied with the product you can ask for a full refund) and low price guarantee (if you find the same products at a lower price within 30 days of purchase, you can ask for a full refund). Both policies are accessible via their website (form) or via customer service (live chat).

VC 15 Nerve Tonic Ingredients

VC-15 Nerve Tonic contains: Citrus limonum (Lemon) 1X, Cocculus indicus (Fish berry) 5X, Helonias dioica (Blazing star) 5X, Ignatia amara (Ignatius bean) 5X, Phosphoricum acidum (Phosphoric acid) 3X, Sepia (Cuttlefish ink) 6X, Zincum metallicum (Metallic zinc) 6X. Inactive ingredients: Saccharum, distilled water, 18 vol.-% alcohol, and excipient.

Product Features

According to its manufacturer, VC 15 Nerve Tonic helps the body to deal with deficiency states due to a mal-absorption of essential nutrients from the diet in spite of normal food habits. This supplement can calm minor symptoms of stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and lift your mood.

The product can be used by everyone, as even a healthy, active individual, who is fully engaged in life, drinking enough water and eating the recommended amounts of protein, may still, sometimes, experience nervous tension and anxiety.

Maybe the most important ingredient incorporated into VC 15 Nerve Tonic’s formula is the Cocculus indicus, which was originally used by Arabian doctors. This ingredient is well known for its homeopathic qualities in treating nausea and headache.

Another important ingredient is the Helonias dioica, which has been used through the ages with Menses. Some recent studies suggest that it may have some use in treating some diabetes symptoms as well.

VC 15 Nerve Tonic is advertised as a product free of any side-effects, much like most homeopathic remedies available on the market. However, we would advise caution if administering this product to pregnant and nursing women, as well as to children. The recommended dosage is one capsule daily, taken with a meal.

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  • The product is a homeopathic alternative to prescribed medications
  • Biogenica is a well known manufacturer for homeopathic products
  • Two refund policies are available


  • No free trial sample is available
  • We were unable to find any scientific study to support the company’s claims
  • A bottle of the product costs $39, but it is not mentioned how long this supply can last for, or how many capsules are included in a bottle


A chemical imbalance may be a serious problem and it should not be ignored. An individual who feels that she or he may be suffering from moodiness, depression, panic attacks, anxiety, fatigue or bad temper should consult a physician, as well as a mental health profession. A dropping in serotonin or dopamine levels, both essential for a proper function of our brain, may need further medical attention.

The manufacturer claims VC 15 Nerve Tonic is the right choice when seeking for such a homeopathic alternative. However, their claims are not backed up by any trustable studies and researches. There are very few testimonials on this product and no free trial sample. The list of ingredients is curious, through searchable, and warrants further study.

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VC 15 Nerve Tonic Review
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