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User’s Guide To Brain-Boosting Supplements Review
User’s Guide To Brain-Boosting Supplements Review

PUBLISHED: 09/25/2012 by BR Technical
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User’s Guide To Brain-Boosting Supplements

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User’s Guide To Brain-boosting Supplements by James Gormley and Shari Lieberman discusses the best brain-boosting dietary supplements available today and how to use them safely and effectively to achieve optimum brain power.

James Gormley is a popular health and nutrition writer and former Editor in Chief of “Better Nutrition” magazine (between 1995 and 2002). He published “DHA: A good Fat” in 1999 and numerous other articles various magazines. He has been a frequent guest on television shows such as FOX-TV’s “Good Day New York” and strongly advocates consumer access to health information.

Shari Lieberman, Ph.D., C.N.S., F.A.C.N., is a clinical nutritionist from New York, United States of America and a faculty member at the University Of Bridgeport School Of Nutrition. She is a member of the American Preventive Medical Association and the New York Academy of Science. Dr. Lieberman is also the author of “Dare to Lose,” and the “Real Vitamin & Mineral Book.”

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Product Features

User’s Guide To Brain-boosting Supplements aims to take the readers upon a journey of discovering how they can achieve and attain optimum mental performance by following simple diet and dietary supplementation rules.

The book is structured in 9 chapters, and starts by explaining “What brain-boosting supplements help us achieve” (Chapter 1), a broad view at the main dietary supplements available today. The next chapters go into details about different types of supplements (Antioxidant Vitamins, B Vitamins, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Herbs), while also offering practical advice on how to take and what are the best sources for reach of them. A final chapter explains how to choose the best brain boosting supplements.

The authors also elaborate on the idea that a balanced healthy diet is a prerequisite of a healthy body and mind, and constantly reference to diet advice while describing each dietary supplement.

Book reviews on User’s Guide To Brain-boosting Supplements are positive, with consumers appreciating the fact that it is concise, well-researched practical and easy to read.

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  • Good consumer reviews which claim the book is practical and easy to read
  • The authors are a renowned nutritionist and an award winning journalist with experience in nutrition


  • User’s Guide To Brain-boosting Supplements was published in 2004 and may be a little out of date (other nutrients and supplements have discovered since)


User’s Guide To Brain-boosting Supplements is designed as a guideline on the many alternative dietary supplements available which advertise brain boosting properties. According to readers’ reviews (although not numerous), the book is easy to read and offers helpful practical advice that can be easily applied in the day to day life. The book comes in a 92 pages pocket edition, making it easy to carry around and practical.

You should however take into account the fact that the book was published in 2004 and that since new dietary supplements and nutrients may have been discovered, which are not discussed in the book.

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