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Ultra Cordyceps Review
Ultra Cordyceps Review

PUBLISHED: 11/10/2016 by BR Publishing
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Ultra Cordyceps

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Ultra Cordyceps is a nootropic supplement which can be used for respiratory system health, reducing the effects of aging, and more. It’s sold by California company Doctor’s Best (sometimes known as Doctor B Vitamins). They were founded in 1990 and offer hundreds of individual products, including dietary supplements. The company says everything is rigorously tested for quality, with all products manufactured in cGMP facilities. Some ingredients are important, but every supplement formula appears to be made in the United States. Cordyceps is of interest because it has a lot of potential uses and just about anyone can take it.


Ultra Cordyceps contains the following ingredients: Cordyceps sinensis (750 mg).

Product Features

The only active ingredient here is Cordyceps sinensis (mycelium), which contains at least 8 percent cordycepic acid (D-mannitol) and adenosine. Doctor’s Best says their supplement is standardized by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to ensure potency and consistency. Studies of Cordyceps using mice proved promising, with a notable increase in endurance and exercise quality. Cordyceps polysaccharides may improve immune system function, confer liver protection, and have antioxidant effects. The only advertised side effect is that Cordyceps has mild blood thinning properties, so you shouldn’t take it with anti coagulant medication or certain NSAIDs.

Cordyceps sinensis (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) is a fungus which grows in the mountainous regions of India, Nepal, and Tibet. It germinates in caterpillars, usually the larvae for a species called “ghost moths.” The fungus is very popular in traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and has been used for at least 700 years. It’s valuable – called “soft gold” by some – and might be able to treat a number of conditions. Cordyceps sinensis is classified as an endangered species in China. This is thought to be a combination of factors: climate change, over-harvesting, and over-exploitation. Its popularity has also increased in recent decades, sold as capsules and in drinks. Doctor’s Best says they cultivate their own Cordyceps, which is a more sustainable and environmentally conscious method than harvesting wild strains.

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  • One ingredient supplement inside a vegetable based capsule. This product is vegan friendly and doesn’t contain soy or gluten.
  • Extremely inexpensive product with a good serving size for each capsule.
  • Safer and less expensive than wild-grown Cordyceps sinensis.


  • There isn’t a lot of effective research into the potential benefits of Cordyceps sinensis.
  • Theoretically does not work well with caffeine, but this hasn’t been tested in practical ways.
  • Some people dislike the taste and smell.


There are a lot of useful components to Cordyceps sinensis. Its anecdotal long term uses in traditional medicine are often praised, although many of the potential benefits have not been scientifically proven. Very few studies have rigorously looked into the fungus despite its way array of potential benefits, and long time use in traditional Chinese medicine. It is popular, even in modern times, so you may want to look into a supplement containing Cordyceps sinensis. Doctor’s Best has created a safe and inexpensive way to try out Cordyceps sinensis which may have terrific long term benefits.

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