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TranQuell Sleep Formula Review
TranQuell Sleep Formula Review

PUBLISHED: 10/19/2012 by BR Publishing
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TranQuell Sleep Formula

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TranQuell Sleep Formula is specifically designed to provide relief for various sleep issues. The complete spectrum of benefits as the manufacturer Goldshield Elite lists them comprises minor pain management, enhanced memory and mood, reduced symptoms of jet lag and promoting relaxation and reduced levels of stress and anxiety. Goldshield Elite was born through the merger of W.T. Rawleigh Products (founded in 1889), Achievers Unlimited, Changes International and Golden Pride which offer health and home product lines for more than 155 years. Today, the company claims to be one of the most reputable direct to consumer companies and operates through a MLM (Multilevel Marketing) business model.

TranQuell Sleep Formula is advertised as a natural formulation designed for adults, which features Melatonin, Bromelain and a proprietary blend of lemon balm, chamomile and lavender to promote relaxation and aid with a restful sleep.

TranQuell Sleep Formula Ingredients

TranQuell Sleep Formula contains the following ingredients: Bromelain, Melatonin, Chamomile (flower), Lemon Balm (leaf), and Lavender (flower).

Product Features

TranQuell Sleep Formula is based on a combination of hormones and plants. Melatonin, one of the core active ingredients of the formula, is a hormone which helps regulate other hormones and helps maintain the circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is an internal clock that regulates sleep-awake cycles.

Melatonin also has strong antioxidant activity and is able to fight free radical damage. Preliminary evidence shows it may reduce damage caused by some types of Parkinson’s disease as well as provide support for the immune system. Several animal studies have also indicated that Melatonin receptors may be important in mechanisms of learning and memory, making Melatonin a potential element in Alzheimer’s disease treatment. Bipolar Disorder and several types of Melatonin receptors appear to be important in mechanisms of learning and memory in mice may also benefit from Melatonin’s beneficial properties, although evidence is inconclusive. Side effects commonly associated to Melatonin use include morning grogginess, vivid dreams and lowered body temperature.

TranQuell Sleep Formula also contains a blend of herbs traditionally used for their calming effects: Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Lavender. Chamomile for instance is known to tame anxiety disorders (treating panic attacks, social anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder symptoms) promote sleep and alleviate symptoms of depression.

The recommended daily dose is 2 tablets. Consumer reviews are available on the manufacturer’s website, and report effectiveness in treating anxiety, panic attacks and promoting a relaxing sleep. No side effects or precautions are mentioned. However, there might be some important drug interactions you should be aware of. For instance Bromelain is known to interact with antibiotics, Amoxicillin and anticoagulant medication.

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  • Generally positive consumer reviews
  • Clinically researched ingredients
  • Natural formulation
  • Multiple potential benefits on memory, sleep and mood


  • Relatively high price for a month’s supply (approximately $30)
  • There are potential drug interactions and side effects that the manufacturer does not mention


TranQuell Sleep Formula is advertised to promote a restful sleep while also benefiting memory and mood. The formula features Melatonin as core ingredient, an extremely popular remedy against all sorts of sleep disorders. The product has received some good reviews; therefore we may conclude that it will achieve its purpose for some consumers. There are also some precautions and side effects you should be aware of before starting treatment.

You should however remember that sleeping problems and long-term insomnia may indicate a more serious underlying condition, of a physical or emotional nature. This is why we strongly recommend that if symptoms persist you ask a healthcare provider’s opinion.

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    i have been using Tranquell Sleep since it came out. It is a wonderful product! I love it! It puts into a pleasant sleep and I sleep right thru the night.