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Thyrox T-3 Review
Thyrox T-3 Review

PUBLISHED: 06/13/2013 by BR Technical
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Thyrox T-3

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Thyrox T-3 is presented as a dietary supplement which was particularly created to improve the fat burning processes, hence representing a natural approach to prescribed medication for individuals that suffer from weight-management difficulties including diabetes or obesity. Its producer is called Absolut Nutrition and is specialized in offering products that target weight-management.

This company was established in 2007 in Decatur, Alabama and desires to provide an alternative for those who can’t follow a proper diet due to not having sufficient time or knowledge in these regards. Their popularity extends at a national level and features products like C Block and NoPhedra. However, these remedies haven’t been tested by the Food and Drug Administration which means that there is no guarantee of its functionality except for the manufacturer description and customer reviews.

Thyrox T-3 is presented as free of stimulants as compared to others. It is mainly composed of a combination between amino-acids, minerals, and an herbal extracts and desire to help the organism by balancing hormonal levels from the thyroid gland which are believed to have a reliable impact on the individual’s mass. Some of its ingredients are popular on the nutritional world and have been scientifically proven as beneficial.

Thyrox T-3 Ingredients

Thyrox T-3 contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Dipotassium, Sodium and Disodium Phosphates, Gum Guggul Extract, L-Tyrosine, Garcina Cambogia, and Phosphatidyl Choline.

Product Features

With the promised results of achieving a level in which weight-management doesn’t represent a problem anymore, this remedy relies on a formula containing minerals, amino-acids as well as an herbal extract. Its presented qualities are linked to kilograms loss by taking a natural path which doesn’t include stimulants. The idea behind the supplement is the connection between the thyroid gland and weight-management issues. It is believed that low levels of T-3 and T-4 hormones present a negative impact on the organism.

One of the components in Thyrox T-3 is Gum Guggul Extract. Research pointed out that this ingredient is actually obtained from the Commiphora mukul trees, originating from India. It possesses a long history of usage that can be traced back to 600 BC due to some Ayurvedic evidence. The reason behind the utilization of this herbal extract is the fact that it contains certain substances that lower triglyceride as well as cholesterol levels, thus offering help in treating symptoms of bodily conditions such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and some types of obesity. In addition, it features some compounds that decrease redness and swellings which may occur in some cases of acne.

Thyrox T-3 side effects include headaches, nausea, and stomach upset, specifically when the individual exceeds the daily suggested intake.

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  • It specifically targets the thyroid hormones T-3 which is directly linked to weight-loss
  • Some of its components have been used for centuries and revealed positive results
  • It features no stimulants


  • There is no FDA approval of this product
  • There are some online customer testimonials which point out its ineffectiveness in some cases
  • No international shipment or free sample offered by its manufacturer


Advertised as a dietary supplement hat can help people who suffer from addiction difficulties such as diabetes, obesity or high blood pressure, Thyrox T-3 concentrates on the link between the hormones produced by thyroid gland and their affect upon weight-management. Although there are no counteractions or restrictions presented, it is better that lactating and pregnant women, as well as individuals who are hypersensitive to some of its ingredients consult a personal physician prior to buying this product. If the daily suggested intake is noticeable exceeded, there are increased chances of developing some unwanted side-effects that can only be cured by stopping its utilization.

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