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Thync Calm and Energy Wearable Review
Thync Calm and Energy Wearable Review

PUBLISHED: 03/07/2016 by BR Moderator
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Thync Calm and Energy Wearable

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The Thync Calm and Energy Wearable is a device that uses technology to stimulate nerves in the brain in order to create a sense of calm or energy in the user. Located in Los Gatos, CA, the company behind the product was founded in 2011 and goes by the name Thync. Recognized around the world the manufacturer is considered to maintain a highly regarded reputation with inventors from renowned universities such as Harvard, Sanford and MIT. The company currently only offers the one product, but individual components of the device can be purchased separately. Over the last few years the company has maintained a good track record.

According to the producer of the product, Calm and Energy Wearable is not designed to treat any specific disease but does enhance the mood of the user. The product is offered as a natural replacement for those which use pill, caffeine and alcohol to achieve similar mood results. Thorough research has been conducted by multiple sources which agree that Thync’s Calm and Energy Wearable is produced by a quality manufacturer.


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Product Features

The Thync’s Calm and Energy Wearable device consists of a white curved module that is strategically placed on the neck and head of the user and connected to a strip, either for calm or energy. The device connects via Blue tooth to an app on a smart phone which offers different intensities and time durations of either the energy or calm setting.

Once activate the device signals specific nerves at the attachment sites which access the brain’s adrenaline system. These activated nerves work with the natural state of the body’s energy and calm resulting in similar feelings which are otherwise achieved through the use of pills, caffeine or alcohol. Aside from a tingling sensation at the attachment site, there are no known side effects and therefore no warnings for the device.

A stimulant-free device the product claims to replace the energy sought after through caffeine and other items. For over four years the inventors tested the product on over 3,000 individuals before being confident enough to release it to the public. They continuously conduct studies and provide research on the effectiveness of the device.

There are no particular diseases or conditions that are claimed to be helped through the use of the product. Instead, the product is designed to assist in providing certain moods, either calm or energy, during and hours after use. Although the sleek design of the package is visually appealing there is no listing of the parts, warnings or usage requirements listed. A video is included which explains how and how often to use the device as well as typical results that can be obtained. Several studies conducted by numerous accredited individuals and institutions on the claims presented regarding the device seem to reveal the claims to so far be accurate.

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  • The unique design and placement of the strips strategically access nerves connected to the brain’s adrenaline system adapting a person’s mood to either calm or energy
  • Eliminates the need for alcohol, pills or caffeine to achieve similar moods of calmness or feeling energized
  • The calm cycle, even if used earlier in the day can improve the user’s quality of sleep


  • Some people do not like the tingling sensation felt during and occasionally after use of the device
  • The cost of replacing the strips can add up after continuous use
  • The device requires a connection to their server through the app and the server and app have a tendency to go down and be unavailable at times


The product’s claims are enticing and the numerous creators in the fields of neurobiology, neuroscience and engineering from renowned institutions such as MIT, Sanford and Harvard, add to the allure that the product works as promised. It seems that thorough research and trials were conducted to allow the manufacturer to stand behind their claims.

The device is still new and long term effects and results are not able to be reported yet, which leaves the question as to if the product may be harmful after a while. It does seem that with the research currently available that the device may be worth trying and the company does offer a 30 day money-back guarantee to allow time for the user to decide for themselves if the would like to continue use of the product.

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