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Throat Shield Spray Review
Throat Shield Spray Review

PUBLISHED: 02/13/2013 by BR Moderator
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Throat Shield Spray

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Throat Shield Spray is an herbal alternative that can provide soothing to throat mucous membranes. The company that sells the product is Gaia Herbs. The formula is actually manufactured by Aboca for Gaia Herbs.

Gaia Herbs is an US manufacturer of herbal solutions that also operates one of the largest certified organic farms of herbs in the country. Throat Shield Spray is distributed by Gaia Herbs however it is actually produced by one of the company’s partners from Europe, the Italian firm Aboca. Aboca is present in fifteen countries and owns a very large firm where it grows herbs. It also has an experience of more than 30 years on the market for herbal remedies. We have not found Throat Shield Spray on Aboca’s official website and as a result we believe that the formula was developed especially for Gaia Herbs.

According to Gaia Herbs, Throat Shield Spray is effective in treating throat inflammations due to the fact that it contains aloe vera which can hydrate the mucous membranes in the throat (and the digestive system overall). Moreover, the formula also helps you strengthen your immune system and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. The peppermint and cinnamon extracts ensure the pleasant taste and cooling sensation of the spray. Throat Shield Spray is addressed to people with throat inflammations caused by colds, flu or other reasons. For instance, one customer liked to use Throat Shield Spray before singing in concerts.

Throat Shield Spray Ingredients

Throat Shield Spray includes the following ingredients: Aloe Vera life concentrated gel (freeze dried extract), Myrrh resin extract, Sage leaf (freeze dried extract), Peppermint leaf essential oil, Cinnamon bark essential oil, Glycerin, water, alcohol (20%-30%), Mint natural flavor, and Xanthan gum.

Product Features

Throat Shield Spray is an herbal spray solution whose main ailment claims are backed up by the main properties of sage, myrrh and aloe vera, while peppermint and cinnamon ensure a pleasant taste. Aloe vera is a plant with many properties especially useful for the treatment of minor skin conditions and for supporting the digestion system and the immune system. While its juice should not be used internally as it is powerful laxative, other parts of the plant are quite safe. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerating properties being therefore effective in treating sub burns, burns, cuts, skin irritations, and other less problematic skin conditions. In addition, it may sooth mucous membranes in the throat, stomach and intestines and help in the treatment of colon problems and heartburn.

Aloe has also been tested in clinical trials on humans but scientists have reached mixed conclusions. However, according to analyses in the lab, aloe does contain chemical compounds which explain why it has been used in skin conditions and from where its soothing effect of mucous membranes comes from.

According to Gaia Herbs, adults should use the formula maximum four times per day or as per your healthcare specialist’s recommendation. You should spray into your mouth and afterwards swallow. In order to use the sprayer, you will have to rotate the wand with which it is provided to 90 degrees and direct the spray in the back of the throat. Gaia Herbs does not recommend the formula to lactating mothers or during pregnancy. Moreover it advises you to ask for advice from a specialist if you happen to suffer from a medical condition or are taking other drugs currently.

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  • The product is sold at $16-$25 (with retailers offering lower prices), which recommends it as a moderately priced formula
  • It has positive online consumer reviews
  • Affordable shipping charges


  • Some people may be alergic to xanthan gum
  • The ingredients are generally not organic
  • The product is not evaluated by the FDA


Throat Shield Spray is advertised as a remedy for sore throat and for promoting a healthy throat. The product has a number of positive online customer testimonials, therefore it should work in our view. In addition, it contains concentrated aloe vera gel, sage, and myrrh extracts which have a long use in folk medicine. This also plays in favor of the formula’s effectiveness. However, the spray also contains xanthan gum which is derived from corn, wheat or soy. If you are allergic to one of these plants, we advise you to ask for advice from your doctor before using Throat Shield Spray.

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