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The Simply Smarter Project Review
The Simply Smarter Project Review

PUBLISHED: 04/11/2012 by breditor
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The Simply Smarter Project

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The Simply Smarter Project is the result of researches conducted by the National Academy for Child Development (NACD), an international non-profit organization founded in 1979. The project revolves around on the belief that all children have unlimited potential that can be successfully used if given the chance.

The key objective of the project are the development of essential sequential processing skills which directly impact the short-term and working memory, measured by visual and auditory “digit spans.” Auditory digit span refers to how many numbers a person hears and remembers while visual digit span refers to how many numbers a person sees and remembers from sequence.

In the case of children, the goal is to develop the vital auditory and visual processing skills to the level of 9+/-2, until reaching the age of 9 years old. In the case of adults the purpose is to increase the processing level from an alarmingly low of 5 +/-2, to a minimum required level of 9+/-2.

The Simply Smarter Project addresses both children and adults, who want to improve short time memory, learn better and faster, focus, multitask easier and increase creativity.

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In children’s case, the processed digit span is considered to be directly related to their age and that improvement in the sequential processing skills is capable of producing overall development. Studies conducted upon adults revealed very disturbing results, as many of the tested subjects had not developed their processing skills to a necessary adult level, thus facing various adaptation issues.

The Simply Smarter Project 9 +/- 2 takes place in two phases. Phase I includes testing the adults and children worldwide through an online 15 – minute digit span test. Phase II is designed to help people improve their sequential processing skills and overall functioning.

The benefits claimed include increased the overall capacity of learning, understanding and processing information. In fact it offers a solution for easier access to intelligence as well as protection against mental declining caused by ageing.

The Simply Smarter Project is the culmination of NACDs 40 years of development and, as the Academy states, the most advanced and most efficient educational tool on the market.

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  • N.A.C.D. has over 40 years experience with the The Simply Smarter Project
  • The project appears to be well researched and based on real science


  • The program may not be effective for some people


The N.A.C.D. bases its statements on a number of over 7 thousand tests performed on adults and children around the world. The tests proved that a person’s ability to process auditory sequential information increases until late twenties and has recently proven to be the single best predictor of academic success or failure.

Based on these assumptions and on the concept that a person’s processing skills can be quantified through its digit span level, the Simply Smarter Project focuses on enhancing the ability to visualize and conceptualize information.

The National Academy of Child states that by taking part to this project, the short-term memory, the ability to learn, think and communicate will all improve with direct consequence on the general performance of the individual.

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