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The Road Back Review
The Road Back Review

PUBLISHED: 05/08/2012 by BR Publishing
Editor's Review: 2.3/5.0
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The Road Back

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The Road Back is a program designed to help people who struggle with drug addiction problems. The program is claimed to be the most widely used drug withdrawal program in the world, with over 40,000 patients helped in their battle against drugs.

The main side effects associated with discontinuing psychoactive medication are insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, brain zaps, depression or flu like symptoms. Some medication may even cause weight gain. The road back is supposed to be efficient in eliminating these symptoms, helping people get off psychoactive medication regain control over their lives.

The program is advertised as a very specific, heavily researched and proven program and that can prove useful in maintaining a general state of health even for those who apply the program’s principles but aren’t addicted.

The Road Back Ingredients

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Product Features

The Road Back is designed as a four step program. Step one advises the patient not to abruptly interrupt current medication and not to “self-medicate.” The patient should merely follow the program and remember that it is a systematic process. Phase two is a documentation phase, in which the things necessary to start the program are identified. Also, documentation on the particular medication or situation of the patient is required.

Step three means getting a complete physical examination with a doctor, review the program together and with his help rule out any actual physical illness or disease. In phase four, the recommended supplements are to be purchased and get started with the program.

The recommended supplements can be purchased in combined packages targeted for a specific disorder such as: depression, anxiety or psychoses.

The use of supplements is justified by the fact that 50% of the people which were successful in getting off their medication still suffered extreme withdrawal side effects.

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  • Worldwide successfully used program
  • Free program guidance on the company’s website (consultations and support)
  • Free book with the program’s principles (sent by e-mail at request)


  • Use of nutritional supplements whose ingredients are known to have mild side effects (depending on the targeted problem).


The Road Back program is offered as a clinically based solution for people who are struggling with psychoactive medication addictions. The program is advertised as the number one drug withdrawal program over 12 years of proven efficiency and over 40,000 patients cured.

During the program, patients are advised to use nutritional supplements recommended on the official web-site as helpful in reducing the withdrawal side effects experienced by approximately half of the successful recoveries.

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The Road Back ReviewBR Publishing2.252016-05-18 12:09:31
The Road Back Review
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4 User Reviews about The Road Back
  1. 1

    Eilee Davie

    The programme and supplements have been helpful in getting me off an antidepressant I have been taking for many yeaRS. i HAVE NOW BEEN OFF THE DRUG FOR 5 WEEKS AND AM SUFFERING QUITE SEVERE WITHDRAWAL STILL, i THOUGHT IT WOULD HAVE GONE BY NOW.

  2. 2

    Michael Horan

    Hi, Road Back program, has made my life better..
    Its been over 4 years and it took me appx 6 weeks to get off of Ativan. The road did not end there, it took longer to get rid of symptom’s associated with the Med. When I needed assistance, I would use the forum, or contact by email, Marybeth, or Jim Harper, still to this day, I still reach out.But with due diligence, I am off.. Still use the Body calm for daytime aniexites. But, I had them before the meds and just seems to be my challenge.
    Mike Horan

  3. 3

    Is there a phone number to call to talk to customer service and to order products for the road back program?


    Varda Rose

    • 4

      You can find an email to contact the company on the product’s website, unfortunately we are not aware of a phone number for customer service at this point.