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The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power Review
The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power Review

PUBLISHED: 01/09/2016 by brreader
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The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power

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The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power is advertised as a downloadable e-book that will help users achieve superior brain power and mental capacity, in terms of memory, recall and information retention, focus capacity, and other aspects of brain activity. The e-book is designed to address the needs of adults, irrespective of occupation, age or gender.

Unfortunately the official presentation page does not offer details regarding the author or authors of the e book, what is their competence in the field and in this way making their work more convincing for the public.

Also, the exact table of contents or book structure is not disclosed, making it even more difficult to evaluate in terms of value it brings to consumers and to the books originality as to what is already written on the subject.
The e-book seems therefore to be a general collection of tips & tricks on subjects such as enhancing brain’s computing capacity and memory capacity, brain foods that work best, diet & supplements for best brain activity, and others similar.


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Product Features

The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power is advertised as a complete guide to increasing brain power. Whether it is in the form of practical advice, how much theoretical information does it contain and what scientific grounds exist for the system of methods and tools offered to achieve superior brain power it is not clearly disclosed.

These are serious reasons to make us doubt the origins and the quality of the information offered. In absence of any real user feedback available elsewhere besides the official presentation page, it becomes even harder to make a fair evaluation of this product.

Still, the company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with the results obtained after reading the book, you can get a full refund, after prior mail to announce the website owner through a Contact Form. Again, we are not able to find information on who the author/authors of the materials hosted on the website are.

An offer is currently available on the official page upon purchasing the downloadable book for $9.70 VAT exclusive, you receive another e-book for free (this one is called The Complete “Memory Improvement” eBook) and you get 50% off (that is $4.90) from the value of the audio book The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power upon checkout.

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Sale Price: $9.70

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: IncreasingBrainPower


  • A 30-day money back guarantee ensures a full refund, irrespective of the reason for dissatisfaction
  • Immediately available download after order processing
  • The audio version is also available, for half the price at the moment of this review. It’s full price is similar to that of the downloadable printable version


  • No details regarding the author and what expertise and competence he or she has in the field
  • No feedback from consumers other than a few testimonials posted on the official page of presentation
  • No details regarding the structure of the e-book or the table of contents


increasingbrainpower.com is a website that offers general articles on brain health, brain training, memory, etc, articles that are not necessarily documented by scientific evidence but that are more of listing of methods or tips & tricks on how to achieve a certain desirable aspect of brain health. The e-book seems to us as a tool to help the owner of the website monetize the online project, which is a common marketing tactic for similar projects.

While this does not directly speak of the e-books value, we do find it strange that no info is available on the author or authors and on the table of contents and book structure. Online purchases with credit/debit card is safely guaranteed by ClickBank and the 30-day money back guarantee are argument for buying the e-book, but you have to decide for your own if you want to try it out.

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The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power Reviewbrreader42016-05-21 12:09:31
The Expert’s Guide to Increasing Your Brain Power Review
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