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The Alexander Technique Review
The Alexander Technique Review

PUBLISHED: 05/06/2012 by brreader
Editor's Review: 2.6/5.0
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The Alexander Technique

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The Alexander Technique is advertised as the way of learning how people can give up harmful tension in their bodies and move carefully through life.

The technique works by highlighting inefficient movement habits and re-educating the mind and body to perform efficient actions. Its main claimed beneficial results are that of improving ease and freedom of movement, coordination, balance and support.

It is supposed to help all people who are aware of the importance of a healthy body and want to remove the accumulated tension which interfere with their ability of movement. The purpose is to eliminate the negative side-effects caused by improper posture and movement habits such as: stiff necks, shoulders hunched forward or pulled tightly back, tightness in the thighs legs and ankles, restricted breathing, backaches and headaches.

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The Alexander Technique may also be defined as the study of the relationship between body and mind, which, under normal conditions, should ensure that the body reacts normally and has the right muscle tone. The relation may be impaired, thus the tonus affected, by different injuries, post-operatory stress, inappropriate lifestyle, negative mental, physical and emotional habits associated with the modern life.

The technique is taught in 20 to 40 lessons, which consist at first in observing the posture and movement patterns.

The recommended frequency to start with is 2-3 sessions a week, if possible, and decreases as the trained person is assimilating the techniques taught. Sometimes it is recommended that the persons who have followed this course to come back for several refresher lessons.

The goal of The Alexander Technique is to teach people to improve their posture in order to obtain better movement capacity and ease the tension in the body.

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  • The technique does not come in the form of passive treatments;
  • It is advertised as an active exploration that changes the way people think;
  • It has a beneficial effect on a long term (by applying the acquired knowledge );
  • Clinical tests have proven it has a long term beneficial effect in helping people suffering from back pains.


  • The Alexander Technique is a long term program and the first results may not appear immediately;
  • There are specialists claiming that this technique is ineffective.


The Alexander Technique is a method advertised as the solution for improving posture, moving in a more relaxed and comfortable way. Consequently, there will be a loss of the harmful habits which negatively affect people’s life.

It does not make use of any medication and has a long term beneficial effect due to the techniques taught by specialized teachers.

It is advertised to help those who suffer from repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome, backaches, stiff neck and shoulders, experience discomfort when sitting at the computer for long periods of times.

The Alexander Technique is designed for people of all ages and categories (such as singers, actors, athletes or dancers) who want to improve their movement habits and perform at their full potential regardless of their field of activity.

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The Alexander Technique Reviewbrreader2.52016-05-20 12:09:31
The Alexander Technique Review
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1 User Reviews about The Alexander Technique
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    I had twenty private practical hands – on lessons over. several months. It was expensive – – working out at exactly £1 per minute! I also tried. an intensive. 4 day course also taught in a practical hands – on way by different Alexander tutors. I was in my early fifties and thankfully, quite active and healthy but drawn to try the AT because I was experiencing tension in the performance of classical music. I was very aware that the standard and confidence I was exhibiting in public was far below what I was achieving in the privacy of my own studio at home. This was of course, immensely frustrating!
    I was excited about the Alexander Technique and conscientious about giving it a real fair chance—hence the 20 lessons over some months and the extra summer workshops. But whilst it certainly made me aware of the importance of not holding on to tension, good posture etc, I was not at all aware of any life-changing new ideas or insights. There seems to be a policy of “no feedback” so you have no idea whether, or in what way, you are making any worthwhile improvements or whether you are foolishly lining someone else’s pockets with your hard – earned money! I tried to investigate into this reluctance to tell the pupil how he is progressing and the well-rehearsed answer seems to be that it is “to prevent him endgaining” which they would claim is against their AT principles. So after several months of such lesson activities as standing up and sitting down, walking a few steps back and forward up the floor and some observations of me during my sessions laid out on the table, I was still in the dark as to whether I had made any real changes and if so, in what ways. I eventually stopped the. lessons when the AT teacher was moving to new less convenient premises. I still attempt to read and further educate myself on the technique in case there is a a possibility of insights in retrospect but I would counsel a policy of “buyer beware!” and if it is for you, well that’s fine. As for the performance difficulties, I found other good and useful ways to regain my confidence and beyond the usual adrenalin, I have no problems with playing in public situations and enjoy it a lot!