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Tamanu Oil 100% Pure Review
Tamanu Oil 100% Pure Review

PUBLISHED: 01/24/2013 by BR Technical
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Tamanu Oil 100% Pure

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Tamanu Oil 100% Pure is an herbal solution for treating skin conditions but it can also be used as soothing massage oil. The company that manufactures the product is called My Natural Market.

My Natural Market is a company based in Utah, US founded in 2008 which has become an international distributor of natural and organic food supplements. It owns and operates an online store where you can buy various natural and organic products, like multivitamins, herbs or amino-acid formulations. Moreover, the company also sells personal care products, household items, DVDs and books as well as grocery. In addition, the website also has a section for recipes (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other categories). Their website is friendly and easy to use.

However, we would note that My Natural Market is mostly known as an online store, rather than being a manufacturer of herbal supplements. Actually, the only products they sell on their website under the brand My Natural Market are Tamanu Oil 100% Pure and e-gift cards.

According to the manufacturer, Tamanu Oil 100% Pure is made of certified organic tamanu oil which possesses analgesic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is different from some competitors’ products as it is made out entirely of tamanu oil, whereas other producers may also dilute it with other oils (such as olive oil). The product can be used by adults nonetheless it is not dangerous for babies or young children. In fact, it has been traditionally used in treating diaper rashes.

Tamanu Oil 100% Pure Ingredients

Tamanu Oil 100% Pure includes the following ingredient: Tamanu Nut Oil.

Product Features

Tamanu Oil 100% Pure is an herbal supplement used is treating skin irritations, infections and in treating pain. It is safe to apply in on the skin as soothing massage oil. The product has only one ingredient, tamanu nut oil. Tamanu oil is obtained through mechanical pressing from the seeds and the nuts of tamanu tree, a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and South Pacific. It has been used for centuries in those regions for a myriad of skin ailments and for the relief of pain caused by neuralgia, sciatica and rheumatism. Its regenerative effects are explained by the fact that it can penetrate all three layers of the skin. Tamanu oil does not have any known adverse effects when applied on the skin, except some rare allergic reactions (rashes). However, when administered internally, it may be toxic and might interfere with blood coagulation.

Researchers have shown that tamanu oil has two chemical constituents that can indeed help in the regeneration of skin tissue (when applied on the skin). French scientists concluded that tamanu oil also has anti-UV properties. There are several studies performed on animals which show it can be used against inflammations. In addition, scientists have shown tamanu oil has anti-oxidant properties as well.

Regarding directions of use, the manufacturer recommends the product for topical use only. It can be applied on the entire body and it can safely be used as soothing massage oil. My Natural Market does not recommend a certain amount for various skin ailments.

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  • The product can be bought securely from the manufacturer’s website, but it is available in other trusted online stores
  • Scientific research has proven that it promotes skin regeneration
  • Tamanu oil has been used for centuries in South Pacific
  • It is a certified organic product
  • It does not contain preservatives
  • It is generally cheaper than other 100% pure tamanu oil products


  • The product costs around $6-$9 per fl. oz depending mostly on the bottle size, which would recommend it as a relatively expensive product should it be used regularly (for acne for instance)
  • The manufacturer does not have a long experience on the market
  • It can cause skin rash (rarely reported)


Tamanu Oil 100% Pure produced by My Natural Market is made of certified organic tamanu oil, which scientists have shown to be effective especially in promoting tissue regeneration. Customer reviews are not numerous, but clients are generally pleased with the product, which should also support its effectiveness. Adverse effects to using tanamu oil have been rarely reported in its centuries-old use. In our view, one inconvenience would be related to the fact that Tamanu Oil 100% Pure could be relatively expensive if used on a regular basis (for example, for softening wrinkles) or in large quantities (on large wounds which may take several months to heal).

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