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Synaptol Review
Synaptol Review

PUBLISHED: 11/23/2011 by brreader
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Synaptol is advertised as a homeopathic remedy recommended for modulating symptoms associated with attention deficit problems (ADD/ADHD) in children as well as adults. It is manufactured by HelloLife.

HelloLife is a US producer of herbal alternatives and homeopathic solutions. They manufacture drugs and remedies in very modern facilities which operate under Good Manufacturing Practices Standards. Their products can be found on the Internet, at retailer locations and healthcare practitioners.

According to the manufacturer, Synaptol is a homeopathic medicine that aims to alleviate ADD/ADHD symptoms like difficulty concentrating, memory problems, lack of attention, and impulsiveness. HelloLife promotes the formula as being safer than synthetic drugs usually prescribed for ADD/ADHD problems however it does not cure your disease, since ADD/ADHD is not a curable condition. While Synaptol is an effective drug, according to the producer, you also have to improve your lifestyle in order to keep in control your symptoms. Thus, you should eat healthy food, get sufficient sleep and practice sports. The formula is addressed to children more than two years old and to adults.

We note that there used to be another producer who sold an ADD/ADHD medicine under the same name as HelloLife, but it stopped production for reasons which were not disclosed.

Synaptol Ingredients

Synaptol includes the following ingredients: Apis mellifica, Aconitum ferox, Adrenalinum, Aesculus hippocastanum flos, Argentum nitricum, Avena sativa, Baptisia tinctoria, Cochlearia armoracia, Phosphorus, Scleranthus annuus, Scutellaria lateriflora, Sumbul, Viola odorata, citric acid, potassium sorbate, and purified ionized mineral water.

Product Features

All the active ingredients in Synaptol are listed in the US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. The formula is not however a cure for ADD/ADHD because these disorders are not actually technically curable.  One core ingredient is apis mellifica. According to the manufacturer apis mellifica is useful for concentration problems, difficulties when studying, memory problems, if you suffer from restlessness and when you can’t get yourself organized.

Apis mellifica is obtained from honey bees. It was developed in the nineteenth century by a homeopathic specialist. According to its main ailment claims based on anecdotal use, it is useful in treating insect and snake bites as well as headaches and painful urination. Homeopaths believe that remedies should be customized based on the patient’s physical and mental characteristics. Therefore, if an individual is short tempered and impatient, apis mellifica may be useful, especially if the above mentioned symptoms are in relation to feelings of pain, swelling and inflammations. Nonetheless, there is not enough clinical research to back up the mixture’s effectiveness or to assess its safety.

The daily intake recommended by the producer is 1ml twice per day if the patient weighs more than 50 lbs and 0.5 ml twice per day if they weigh 30-50 lbs. The manufacturer advises that you should take one dose in the morning and the second one in the evening. You can take the dose either with 8-12 oz of purified water or without. You should expect to see optimum results in 3-6 months, although many  patients started to feel betters only a few hours after the administration of the first done. The product is not recommended for children less than two years of age, In addition, medical advice is required if you are pregnant or lactating. You should not administer the formula to children before having discussed with your doctor.

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  • It has many online consumer reviews
  • The producer offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • It does not contain stimulants
  • It does not have side effects often seen with other ADD/ADHD medication
  • Shipping charges are affordable, especially if you choose the saver shipping option when ordering from the producer


  • The average price for one month’s supply would be $30 if you buy just a bottle and $24-$27 if you buy more, which would recommend it as a relatively expensive product
  • Unlike many of its market peers, it is not labeled for mild depression
  • Homeopathy is still a controversial topic


The main ailment claims of Synaptol are that it can support the alleviation of many symptoms associated with attention deficit problems without the side effects common to traditional drugs on the market. Based on the numerous online customer testimonials, clients have mixed opinions. You should know that homeopathy remains a controversial topic among specialists. In addition, the FDA does not evaluate the safety and effectiveness of homeopathic drugs such as Synaptol. We recommend you to discuss with your doctor before using Synaptol so that you find out whether it may interact with other medication you may be taking for your medical condition(s).

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Synaptol Review
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15 User Reviews about Synaptol
  1. 1

    To Z Cole…I’m so glad to have a psychiatrists view and I think you being interested in natural medicine is something more psychiatrists should be interested in. I believe theres a true correlation that some patients need and do well with certain homeopathic remedies and some need others. My daughter, now 18, diagnosed in Sept 16 with ADHD, has gone through 4 difrerent ADHD meds with no success whatsoever. In between trying those meds, we tried several homeo remedies. She responded very well to Synaptol, noticing a difference almost immediately. She also did well with the supplement Brain Boost. Those 2 together got her through her Senior year of high school and is now heading to college. They of course are not as effective as some meds, but having a daughter drugged, with heart palpitations, in zombie like state, a ball of nerves and panicky, is not exactly what I call effedtive medicine. At least there are no side effects with these supplements and it helps her get by.

  2. 2

    It's working for us

    Told by Doctor this would not work. Tried it anyway on my 12 now 13 year old child. Went from struggling with 6th grade to super student in 7th. Now she is more confident, honors student and play 2nd chair flute in the band. Don’t know for sure but it seems to work for her and we are on our 3 shipment.

  3. 3

    Kenneth Schauer

    This is “woo” medicine. It is based on the principal that “Less is More” and the delusion that “water has memory” WHen homeopathy was introduced man didn’t have the medical sciences we have today. This product may have one molecule of whatever the active ingredient is. The balance is just water!!

  4. 4

    DO NOT USE SYNAPTOL. I never write reviews however, I do not want others to get scammed like I did. They are praying on parents who are at their wits end and will try anything to help their children, They are selling “snake oil” I bought it tried for 3 months and it nothing! Got a call from the school saying my son was even more distracted and less focussed. When I called customer service they said well sorry it didnt work its not for everyone and we cant help you. no refund on their horrible product so I am now stuck with 3 unopened bottles. Their solution give it to a friend who may need it. Werent they listnening IT DOESNT WORK!!! Please do not buy this.

      • 6

        I used it and I noticed a calming effect on my normal racing brain.
        Had a friend try also and had positive feeling gave more energy
        but very subtle. I would recommend this product as there are no side effects

  5. 7

    I believe it is working for me, being a 42 year old male. I’ve tried nearly everything from straterra and adderall to the homeopathics and nootropics like piracetam and focusfactor with little success. I’m not going to say its such a phenomenal difference taking it, but I do believe it is working to the extent that when I need to really bare down to focus and concentrate it makes it easier. The ability to hold a thought and shape it, and evaluate it at different angles is what I really desire since my job is a software engineer. I think it does work me, but like so many other alternatives, it depends on the person. If nothing else has worked, why not give it a try.

  6. 8

    This stuff Is ineffective. It does not work. I have been on it for 30 days, taking it, on average, twice a day like it says on the label. It is a waste of money.

  7. 9

    I am considering trying this for my 13 ear old son. We reluctantly tried medication and while it did help him with school work he had so many negative side effects we had to take him off. the fact that he hated the way it made him feel and that he is a cardiac patient also made it very difficult to give him the traditional medication too. My issue id that being a Cardiac patient I always check with his Cardiologist before trying anything and I am quite sure there have been no studies for his particular subgroup. How can I know that it is safe for him?

  8. 10

    We are looking into taking our 13 yr old son off Concerta. 1. It costs us $343 a month for this med 2. It is causing really bad anger issues with him 3. he has problems taking it. It hurts his throat with or without liquid. This is a whole lot cheeper than the med he is taking. However, I am researching more. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6 and has been on meds for 7 yrs now. Concerta is the second med he’s been on. Addrall quit working.

    • 11

      Hello L Hughes –
      I was wondering how your son was doing? Have you tried Synaptol and taken your son off of Concerta? I am curious because my 9 yr old has ADHD and we had the same issue you did with concerta regaring the anger. We have also tried aderal and straterra. I would love to hear if your son is doing well on Synaptol. Thanks and take care.

  9. 13

    As a psychiatrist interested in natural medicine, looks more like an immune system stabilizer; if it works, it’s probably for those who have some kind of occult inflammatory process going on(possibly gut allergy?) that may affect neurons and stresses the endocrine system etc etc which has further inhibitory effects on higher cortical function. Given how frequently this is a promotor or symptoms rarely recognized by allopaths, seems like a reasonable thing to try.

  10. 14

    We are thinking of trying this product for our 14 yr old son. He has trouble in school with focus and attention,and acting out(figiting n the like). I’ve read some of the reviews and can identify with almost all, especially the,”LOOK..A SQUIRREL!!” analogy. So many things going through one mind at one time? We need something to help with the “Follow Through”…. of thought and work. Still reserching with added renew of hope in this product.