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Symmetry Glucosamine Formula Review
Symmetry Glucosamine Formula Review

PUBLISHED: 02/13/2013 by brreader
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Symmetry Glucosamine Formula

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Symmetry Glucosamine Formula is promoted as a homeopathic remedy designed to enhance the cartilage’s health. Because joint pain exclusively affects approximately one out of seven Americans, researchers in the nutritional area have focused on searching for an ingredient or a mixture of ingredients able to increase motion, enhance movement freedom, and alleviate pain.

The manufacturer of this product it’s the business named Symmetry that was founded in Texas, United States in 1995. Since its appearance, the company has expanded on more than ten countries countries and takes pride in itself for being a part of the Chamber of Commerce, the Direct Selling Education Foundation and the Better Business Bureau. Nowadays, this direct selling company provides a wide variety of supplements whose spectrum extends up to three hundred.

Symmetry Glucosamine Formula is provided to the regular consumer in a colorless and odorless powder that can be mixed with any drink from tea to water. Its beneficial influence relies on its ingredients, particularly on the mixture between Chondroitin and Glucosamine. In addition, the formula is known to also maintain the skeletal muscle structure’s health.

The specific mixture of those two components is known to offer the necessary building blocks for repairing the cartilage. Women who are lactating or pregnant should keep away from this dietary supplement.

Symmetry Glucosamine Formula Ingredients

Symmetry Glucosamine Formula includes the following ingredients: Glucosamine HCI, hydrolyzed gelatin, chondroitin sulfate complex (shark cartilage), grape seed extract, grape skin extract (14-18% total phenols), Boswellia gum rein extract (40% boswellic acid), and Turmenic extract.

Product Features

Symmetry Glucosamine Formula represents another remedy based on the effects of the combination between Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Chondroitin when it comes to the health of the cartilage as well as prevention of bone related diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Regardless of the fact that Glucosamine is world-wide known for its contribution in maintaining or improving the cartilage, more research is needed in order to view its effects as generally positive. Glucosamine works by creating a “cushion” surrounding the join. This aspect is highly important for diseases such as osteoarthritis because this “cushion” becomes stiffer and thinner. Because of this, by taking Glucosamine based supplementation, the materials needed for rebuilding it have a better chance on being provided. Despite the fact that is it viewed as safe for most adults only on short-term usage, Glucosamine can determine unwanted effects like gas, bloating and cramps.

Another core ingredient of Symmetry Glucosamine Formula is Chondroitin. From a nutritional point of view, this component is used for treating osteoarthritis. However, when mixed with Glucosamine, its effects improve. Research conducted in the last twenty years showed that chondroitin may also have a positive impact when it comes to people suffering from arthritis pain, but only if the natural treatment is mixed with daily aspirin intake. Even with aspirin, the pain is just slightly reduced. Other ways in which Chondroitin can be beneficial are related to high cholesterol levels, weak bones and heart diseases.

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  • It contains a mixture between Glucosamine and Chondroitin that has known effects regarding the health of the cartilage
  • Most of the consumer reviews showed its positive effects on the human body


  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer specific details regarding the possible side-effects of this formula
  • International shipment is more expensive than local shipment, thus it is advised to search for a local provider


By using a mixture between Chondroitin and Glucosamine, Symmetry Glucosamine Formula is promoted for offering proper nutrients in order to enhance the health of the cartilage. Specifically, its core aspects are based on treating a disease called osteoarthritis. Even though the claims of its manufacturer have not been FDA approved, its ingredients were clinically tested for their potential effects related to the cartilage and bone system. The information presented until now is pretty much promising. An advantage this formula has when compared with other similar products is the experience of the manufacturer on the nutritional area.

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