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Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 Review
Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 Review

PUBLISHED: 03/20/2014 by brreader
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Super Strength Krill Oil 1200

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Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 is a dietary formula offered to promote healthy joints and heart. The company behind this formulation is Sanofi-Aventis Healthcare an international supplier of healthcare products and solutions for a broad spectrum of ailments. The company’s declared mission is to provide affordable medicine for patients from all over the world, including those in emerging countries where access to more expensive and innovative products is usually limited.

Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 is marketed under the Bio Organics brand of dietary supplements that consists of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and herbal extracts designed to support overall health.

Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 is marketed as a premium product that may be helpful in temporary relieving joint swelling and pain associated with arthritis. Another benefit comes from the formula’s ability to improve LDL/HCL cholesterol ratio and maintain normal cholesterol levels. Super Strength Krill Oil ingredient is an animal extract obtained from a small species of crustaceans called krill. Krill, along with fish oil is considered an important source of the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids EPA and DHA. The advantage of krill oil over fish oil is that it provides a much more bio-available form of essential fatty acids.

Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 is formulated specially for adults who suffer from joint pain or cardiovascular problems, but it is also suitable for those who want to prevent such affections.

Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 Ingredients

Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 contains the following ingredients: Krill (Euphausia superba) Oil.

Product Features

Krill oil has become increasingly more popular in the last years because its potent antioxidant properties and numerous health benefits that derive from this quality. Krill oil is advertised to consist the same nutrients as fish oil, but in a phospholipid form, which makes the nutrients easily to absorb by the human body. The other great advantage and reason for its increasing popularity, is that krill oil also features a powerful antioxidant called Astaxanthin shown by research to have some of the most powerful antioxidant and cell protective benefits.

The absorption rates of krill oil nutrients is believed to be up to 60% higher than from the fish oil, while krill is also promoted as a less contaminated source. However, there are some issues regarding the decomposing of krill which seems to start much earlier than that of fish oil. This translates into more processing time, more complex stabilization processes, and increased costs.
However, current research seems to support the benefit claims of krill oil and its increased potency as compared to other sources. Studies have revealed that a much lower dose of krill oil based supplements provides the same amounts of EPA and DHA as multiple servings of a fish oil based supplement.

Astaxanthin is classified as a carotenoid, a pigment of low-chain plants used as food sources by small sea animals. The substance has been observed to have numerous benefits in humans including in protecting against UV skin damage, and oxidative stress (preventing aging of organs, including of the brain), and preventing inflammation, glycation, and damage of the mitochondria.

Although Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 side effects are not listed, nausea, fishy taste or stomach discomfort may occur when using such a supplement. Super Krill Oil reviews are lacking at the moment. The recommended doe for this supplement is 1 capsule per day.

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  • Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 contains highly bio-available form of key ingredients that have also been clinically shown to promote joint and cardiovascular health
  • The manufacturer is a reputable company involved in numerous medical sectors worldwide


  • The formula is not available for purchase directly from the manufacturer
  • The monthly price (as listed at various online retailers) is relatively high
  • The side effects and drug interactions are not indicated by the manufacturer
  • A complete list with the exact amounts of active substances is not provided by the manufacturer
  • The formula doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee or a free trial option/ There is no scientific evidence of the supplement’s potency


Bio Organics Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 is not a unique supplement. There are many other suppliers that include this oil as a key ingredient in their products, particularly in more recent years. The description of this supplement includes its main benefits and basic information regarding the recommended usage, the list of ingredients is not complete. Essential information that is missing is the exact amounts of EPA, DHA and Astaxanthin contained in the 1200 mg of krill oil provided by each capsule. This is particularly important because certain daily quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids (and certain EPA: DHA ratios) are required to be provided in order for the product to have the claimed a therapeutic benefits.

Although each nutrient has been clinically researched with promising results regarding their beneficial action on multiple levels of the human health, the formula itself was not used in any clinical trial. So people who are considering using this nutritional supplement are advised to consult a healthcare professional before starting any self-administered treatment.

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Super Strength Krill Oil 1200 Review
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