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Study Buddy Review
Study Buddy Review

PUBLISHED: 09/11/2012 by BR Moderator
Editor's Review: 2.3/5.0
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Study Buddy

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Study Buddy is advertised as doctor recommended formula that will help increase mental performance during the learning process in terms of memory, concentration, recall, focus and information processing speed. According to the manufacturer, Brainiac Supplements, the product is made with natural ingredients scientifically proven effective in enhancing the cognitive function parameters previously mentioned.

Brainiac Supplements is an American company, located in Tucson, Arizona. Little information is available on the company history, production facilities or product line. We can assume that Study Buddy is the only product currently developed and marketed by the company.

Study Buddy is recommended not only to students for sustained support during study sessions, but also to anyone who regularly has to endure increased mental activity, such as professionals, teachers or parents.

Study Buddy Ingredients

Study Buddy includes the following ingredients: B vitamins, DL-Phenylalanine, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa Leaf Powder, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Eleuthero Root Powder, Caffeine, Fish Oil Powder, DMAE, Gotu Kola Herb Powder, Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Powder, Vinpocetine, and Toothed Clubmoss (Hurpezine A).

Product Features

Study Buddy is a mixture powerful herbal extracts, vitamins, amino-acids and nutrients designed to support cognitive performance during mental challenging periods. The manufacturer claims that, although the formula is not FDA approved (no dietary supplement is), all the ingredients are FDA approved as dietary supplements in accordance with the Dietary Supplement Health Act.

Acetyl – L-Carnitine or ALCAR is an amino acid found naturally produced by the body also found in several plants. The substance is a powerful antioxidant, known to destroy free radicals in the mithocondria (the power-plant of the cell). Hence, it helps prevent deterioration of brain cells and improve concentration, memory and mental sharpness. Also, ALCAR contributes to the production and activity of the memory neurotransmitter acetylcholine, essential to memory, attention and reward and punishment system.

Clinical trials have proven DMAE to positively impact learning abilities in children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and other forms of learning disabilities, although conclusions are still under debate. Also, it appears that people who take DMAE report better memory, particularly short-term memory, and improved concentration and mental clarity. Common side effects reported by consumers include weight loss, drowsiness, elevated blood pressure, muscle tension, headaches or insomnia.

Consumer reviews are generally positive, although there are some who mention no effectiveness at all. Study buddy is marketed as a safe side effects free product. The product is assembled in 24 packets of 3 capsules each. The manufacturer recommends taking 1 packet thirty minutes prior to any strenuous mental activity, on the condition that no more than a dose of two packets daily is exceeded.

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  • A 2 packets free sample available – you pay $3.99 on shipping and handling
  • No side effects reported by the manufacturer or by consumers
  • Generally positive consumer testimonials
  • The product is manufactured in GMP compliant facilities
  • Dedicated website


  • High price: 24 packets (which may cover 12 or 24 days depending on the daily dose) costs roughly $60
  • Little information available on the manufacturer of the product
  • List of ingredients insufficiently detailed
  • Contains caffeine which can interfere with blood pressure medication and other drugs


Study Buddy is advertised as the number 1 doctor recommended study aid, although no evidence is brought to support this claim. The formula is a blend of scientifically proven ingredients approved by the FDA as dietary supplements in accordance with the Dietary Supplement Health Act, according to the manufacturer. Consumer reviews claim the product works and actually accomplishes its benefit claims at full potential. However, we should not dismiss consumer reviews which claim no effectiveness whatsoever for the formula.

Although there are many study aid formulas on the market Study Buddy actually has the credentials for working. The product is however a little pricey and there are definitely cheaper alternatives out there.
As for all dietary supplements, we recommend caution and advise you to get a healthcare provider’s opinion before use.

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Study Buddy ReviewBR Moderator2.252016-05-08 12:09:31
Study Buddy Review
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    This stuff is awful! It smells terrible and tastes terrible. It made me so sick just hours after taking it. It made me vomit, gave me a headache, made me irritable. The next morning I was still sick to my stomach and dizzy with a headache. Twice this has happened to me. Never again.