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Stress Helper Review
Stress Helper Review

PUBLISHED: 02/24/2014 by BR Publishing
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Stress Helper

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Stress Helper is a nutritional supplement aimed to promote overall health in people affected by daily stress by increasing tolerance to stress of nerve cells and enhancing energy (fundamental in fighting stress effectively).
The formulation is offered under the brand Wellness Resources, by the company with the same name. This is only one of a broad spectrum of dietary supplements offered by this manufacturer as natural solutions for different health claims. The main health categories are Thyroid& Metabolism, Leptin& Weight Loss, Detoxification& Liver Support, Brain, Memory& Focus, and Immune Support.

This formula is included in the Brain, Memory& Focus category, although its benefits are not limited to cognitive health. The core benefits can probably emphasize better mood, mental clarity, brain energy and brain cell communication. Other advertised benefits include controlling unhealthy eating habits and reducing cravings, supporting healthy adrenal function, and increasing overall energy production.
The manufacturer does not specify if this supplement is specifically targeted for adults or whether it is also suitable for children and adolescents.

Stress Helper is based on clinically researched ingredients shown to facilitate energy production and protecting the brain against stress. These substances are common ingredients in similar supplements and other types of dietary foods (weight management formulations, fitness products, and other prescription or non-prescription medication).

Stress Helper Ingredients

Stress Helper contains the following ingredients: Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Pantethine, Carnosine, Silica, Magnesium Stearate, and Cellulose capsule.

Product Features

Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR) is part of the amino-acid class of compounds, which are building blocks of proteins and which are involved in numerous processes throughout the body. This particular chemical is needed to transform fat into energy. The compound is broken down into carnitine, which is the actual transporter of fatty acids in the mitochondria (where they are transformed into energy). ALCAR is the acetylated derivate of L-carnitine, a common substance in dietary supplements. It has been stated that ALCAR supplements are more effective than L-carnitine based products due to an increased bioavailability of the acetylated form. The chemical is able to cross the blood brain barrier where it acts as a potent antioxidant, providing an effective defense against oxidative stress damage. ALCAR is a popular ingredient of brain and memory supplements, used to treat and prevent age related memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease, depression symptoms, thinking problems of various causes (Lyme disease, alcoholism), poor circulation in the brain, and nerve pain. Side effects of Acetyl-L-Carnitine supplements were reported in the form of fishy odor, digestive discomfort, and sleeping problems.

Carnosine is a chemical used particularly for its rejuvenating effect on certain enzymes and proteins and neuroprotective effects on the brain cells, eyes and nerves. It is also believed to possess important antioxidant benefits, making it an important structure of the body’s defense against free radicals. This substance is also believed to provide important benefits to the skin (prevention of wrinkles, dryness, skin sagging, etc.) by maintaining its structural integrity and preventing damage to collagen fibers and fibroblasts. Safety information about the use of this substance is not available for consulting.

Stress Helper reviews are missing, so it is very difficult to evaluate the compliance of the formula’s actual benefits with those claimed by its manufacturer. Wellness Resources Stress Helper is recommended in 1 capsule serving, up to 3 times per day.

Sale Price: $40.00

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Stress Helper ingredients have shown to be effective in combating stress related symptoms
  • The monthly price of this formula is moderate (a discount is also available for clients who order directly from the official site)
  • The formula is available for international purchase by placing an order directly on the manufacturer’s web site


  • Clinical evidence concerning the active ingredients is insufficient in terms of safety (in most of the researched health areas)
  • The formula itself is not the subject to any scientific research (nor has it been involved in a clinical trial)
  • The effectiveness of the formula is not supported by consumers (testimonials involving it are not available for online consulting)


Stress Helper is an anti-stress supplement offered as a natural defense solution for those who seek to reduce the negative effects of stress stimuli on both physical and psychical levels. The formula is based on three active substances that are also naturally occurring chemicals in the human body. As supplements, these substances have been shown to provide similar benefits with the natural compounds.

Although the known benefits of the individual ingredients have resulted from clinical studies, a lot of research is still necessary to formulate a unanimous opinion regarding a complete list of benefits versus involved risks, drug interactions and warnings. The specific blend featured by Stress Helper is not a clinically studied combination, a disadvantage when it comes to evaluating its effectiveness.

The formula is neither positively, nor negatively evaluated by consumers. In fact, a reduced number of reviews are available for consulting. They seem to offer a rather subjective point of view without even mentioning the potential downsides of this supplement. However, it is possible that certain people to experience the common side effects associated with the common ingredients (stomach discomfort, nausea, etc.).

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