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Stress Away Review
Stress Away Review

PUBLISHED: 04/21/2012 by brreader
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Stress Away

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Stress Away is a herbal formulation designed to calm the mind and body, manage stress related symptoms and, as a consequence, reduce the risk of physical and mental conditions.

The manufacturer of Stress Away is a world renowned traditional Chinese medicine manufacturer of herbal supplements, pharmaceuticals, food, beverages and other consumer products. HerbRight, also known as Sun Ten, was founded in 1946 with the mission to integrate Eastern and Western Medicine.

According to the manufacturer, Stress Away is safe to be used by the entire family (including children over 12 years old). The manufacturer also quotes some self conducted clinical research which proved the efficiency of “Bupleurum and Mu Li combination” (main ingredients) in relieving stress related symptoms (headaches, fatigue, shoulder stiffness). However, these studies were conducted on a small scale (small number of people) and no further details on the methodology of the research are provided.

Stress Away Ingredients

Stress Away includes the following ingredients: Proprietary Aqueous Extract of Bupleurum Root, Chinese Skullcap Root, Cassia Twig, Chinese Rhubarb Root and Rhizome, Oyster Shell, Poria Sclerotium, Asian Ginseng Root, Pinellia Rhizome, Ginger Rhizome and Jujube Fruit.

Product Features

Stress Away reduces unhealthy stress levels, and associated manifestations (agitation, irritability, headache, etc). The product is 100% herbal formulation.

The mechanism of action is based on Chinese medicine principles, such as Qi (life energy which circulates all organs of the human body).

Bupleurum root, one of the core ingredients, is commonly used to help relaxation by soothing liver Qi, releasing Qi constraint and cooling body heat.

Chinese skullcap root in turn has been proven to produce a sedative effect on rabbits, mice and dogs, according to the manufacturer. Cassia Twig was demonstrated to reduce spontaneous mental and physical activity in mice and may help reduce anxiety.

The daily recommended dosage is three tablets taken after meals. Side effects mentioned include diarrhea, loose stools, or abdominal discomfort, as rhubarb root may aggravate these conditions.

The manufacturer extensively explains each of the ingredients’ properties and potential effects towards reducing stress. Also, some research studies are mentioned, that back up the benefit claims.

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  • The expertise of the manufacturer (over 50 years of business experience)
  • Research studies that prove the product’s effectiveness are mentioned


  • The ingredients are extensively explained
  • The small scale of the research conducted may interfere with its relevance
  • Lack of consumer reviews


People today are more open minded to try cures and remedies offered by alternative medicinal systems. The number of such products has consequently increased over the past decade, along with the popularity of these remedies. Stress Away is one of these solutions, a formula based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine which promotes a stress free life.

The manufacturer is a reputable company, with over 50 years of business experience. Research on the product was actually conducted by the manufacturer. However, clinical trials mentioned were conducted on a small scale (small number of patients). Also, details on the methodology of the research are not provided, therefore its relevance must be treated with caution.

Some mild side effects are associated to the product. Precautions include pregnant and nursing women and people who already take medication. However, we recommend that all people considering taking a dietary supplement should consult a health care professional.

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Stress Away Review
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13 User Reviews about Stress Away
  1. 2

    This stress away is very good from day 1 it relax your mind and helps better you sleep. Better your mood and you just feel good and active. I recommend them

  2. 3

    I have problems at night I could not sleep until in the morning I feel nervous and my heart started beating hard before I was taking medicine for depression

  3. 4

    Terry Jane Gibson

    Am in a very stressful time and saw the product and bought it to try it out as an alternative to the more common choices. This product does everything it says it does and will be my first choice from now on. The great thing is that it gives back a great clarity of thought and removes the fog usually caused by a stressed mind. Great product.

  4. 5

    Very happy to have found it, however i have psoriasis and it had flares up since taking stress away, i think it it due to the Oyster shell. is there any other recommended product similar to Stress away which is better for people with psoriasis to use?

    • 7

      If your depressed you need to see a doctor. There is lot of chemical imbalance in your body. However for periodic stress this is very good

  5. 10

    I have used stress away for a month now but by the third day I could already feel the difference in my body. I felt more relaxed than ever. I’m going to buy the syrup for my grandchildren and see what effevt it has on them . i have been recomending stress away to all my friends. Thanks again to stress away which was recommended to me by my aunty.

  6. 11

    Stress away is the best product I’ve ever used. I’ve been suffering from panic attacks due to depression Bt after using stress away life seems to be the best thing. Now I can study without getting tired, sleep at night and all in all I feel completely relaxed.

  7. 12

    I have bought a bottle of stress away tablets for my ten year old. He is ADHD is it safe for children under 12 years

  8. 13

    This medicine works for me, I take two tablets a day. I feel more relaxed and happier than before. It helps me go through some tuff days. I should say thanks to this medicine.