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Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate Review
Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate Review

PUBLISHED: 02/13/2013 by BR Publishing
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Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate

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Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate is advertised as a supplement that was manufactured so that it can promote protein synthesis, provide support when it comes to enzymatic processes and maintain hormonal health of male as well as digestion. Behind this supplement is the company called Standard Process, one of the leaders of the dietary supplementation and nutritional area for more than eighty two years.

A specific feature of this business is that it has classified its remedies that nowadays expand over three hundred in number, into three main product lines that are the following: Standard Process whole food supplements, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas and MedHerb. Extending on more than five countries from outside the American territory and providing a large variety of nutritional supplementation types, this company is viewed as a quality distributor of products which are meant as an alternative to usual medication.

On the other hand, Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate may only be utilized on short-time period for treating conditions like wound healing or obtaining a healthy immune system because its possible side-effects can occur and they only worsen the situation. Additionally, it is informed by the manufacturers that a proper daily intake which exceeds 100 mg per day may determine depress in the immune system.

Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate Ingredients

Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate includes the following ingredients: Zinc and a Proprietary blend containing Bovine liver, beet, carrot and sweet potato.

Product Features

Advertised as a supplement which supports hormonal levels and digestion of men while also offering help with synthesis of protein as well as a support for the enzymatic processes, Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate is based on a mixture between Zinc and a proprietary blend. As its name points out, the supplement is mostly destined for maintaining a healthy liver or improving it at cases.

As a component used for a variety of nutritional supplements, Zinc has a wide spectrum of positive effects that focus almost every body’s essential system, function and organ. For instance, it possesses an important role related to the fast wound healing as well as maintaining a normal metabolism, but only when used on short-term. In addition, it can help improve the body’s ability to cope with stressful periods, keep the central nervous system at a normal functioning and offer a proper nutritional support for bones and teeth formation.

Furthermore, Zinc is able to offer help in increasing intellectual abilities or eye sight. On the other hand, people that desire to avoid supplementation can take this ingredient from foods like meat, cereals, nuts and oysters.
Specifically, people that suffer from fatty liver syndrome diminish their symptoms and lower their pains by taking Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate.

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  • Because it was introduced on the market in 1987, Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate has more than twenty years of activity in the nutritional field
  • Most of the consumer testimonials revealed positive features of the product and some claim that it has helped them improve the health of their livers
  • Nutritional integrity was preserved throughout the manufacturing processes


  • Its price may be viewed as expensive for people who purchase this product by a single bottle, but they should keep in mind that one is sufficient for a three months treatment
  • No money-back guarantee, international shipment or free samples are offered by the manufacturer


Concentrating on the liver, while also offering support for protein synthesis, enzymatic functions, and normal male hormonal balance, Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate represents an average-priced product created by one of the oldest nutritional companies. With no stated side-effects and positive reviews, it can be a proper alternative to liver medication. On the other hand, for more serious issues, people should consult their medical doctor prior to this treatment. It specifically focuses on those who have fatty liver syndrome because it may help slow down the pain and symptoms which are most of the times associated with this problem. However, vegans and vegetarians don’t represent reliable candidates when it comes to following this treatment.

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Standard Process Zinc Liver Chelate Review
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