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Standard Process Whole Food Fiber Review
Standard Process Whole Food Fiber Review

PUBLISHED: 03/13/2013 by breditor
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Standard Process Whole Food Fiber

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Standard Process Whole Food Fiber is promoted as fiber source that has been obtained from nutrient-rich whole foods that should improve the health of the digestive system. It was created by a business called Standard Process that introduced it on the nutritional field in 2008, thus representing one of their latest releases.

The company was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee, often viewed as the “Einstein of nutrition.” Nowadays, it offers approximately three hundred products that vary from veterinary formulas to whole foods. A specific feature of the company is that their products were separated into three major production lines which are Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, MediHerb, and Standard Process whole food supplements.

On a general perspective, Standard Process Whole Food Fiber should sustain the health of the heart while also regulating gastrointestinal and bowel movement and balancing blood sugar and lipid level. The powdered dietary-fiber contained by this remedy features both insoluble as well as soluble fiber which comes from whole food sources. The contained phytonutrients improve the growth of microorganisms in the gut.

Standard Process Whole Food Fiber can be used by combining it with a cold beverage, added to foods like applesauce or yogurt or mixed with Whey Pro Complete or Standard Process Complete or just a regular shake in order to increase the daily fiber and protein intake.

Standard Process Whole Food Fiber Ingredients

Standard Process Whole Food Fiber contains the following ingredients: Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Sodium, and a Proprietary Blend containing oat fiber, beet fiber, rice (bran), carrot (root), beef (root), apple pectin, and carrot fibers.

Product Features

Fibers are in fact a mandatory part of healthy diet and in the majority of cases people don’t receive sufficient because of their poor food choices. Americans consume somewhere around 15 grams of fiber per day and the recommended daily ranges from 25 to 38 grams. Dietary fiber is an indigestible complex of carbohydrates that plant cells contain. It can be either soluble or insoluble, both types providing some health benefits. By enhancing the intake of soluble fiber, healthy glucose and lipid levels that are already within range may be sustained. Due to this, high-fiber foods contribute to weight-loss management while also keeping the person full for longer periods of time, hence increasing the time the nutrients are absorbed.

An example of a remedy which relies on enhancing the fiber intake is represented by Standard Process Whole Food Fiber that supposedly contains a source of both soluble as well as insoluble, but is promoted as more than just a fiber supplement. It contains a series of ingredients that contribute to protection from cellular damage, providing a shield for the liver and colon, sustaining functions of livers and kidneys and taking part in some other chemical reactions of the organism. Due to this, people who are already healthy can keep their bodies within normal levels and those who suffer from digestive or other gastrointestinal problems may ease their symptoms or cure their problems when the treatment is combined with an adequate diet.

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  • It offers fiber to the organism in a powder which can be mixed with drinks or yogurt
  • It can be taken by anyone, even vegetarians and vegans
  • The amount of fiber contained by Standard Process Whole Food Fiber supplies for a poor diet


  • Standard Process Whole Food Fiber was released on 2008, thus further research and more customer feedback are required
  • Standard Process doesn’t offer an international shipment policy
  • None of the claims made by the producer were FDA approved


Overall, Standard Process Whole Food Fiber is promoted as a dietary supplement that was created to improve the health of the digestive system while also offering protection to the liver and kidneys. Moreover, it may offer required amounts of antioxidants in order to help the body fight against damage made by free radicals. While this supplement may be taken by anyone who desires to improve daily dieting, people should keep in mind that combined with other products from Standard Process Rejuvination System and mixed with a healthier diet, it may offer better and faster results. There aren’t any reported side-effects of its usage so far and can even be taken by women that are lactating or pregnant, but only after a consult from their personal healthcare provider.

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Standard Process Whole Food Fiber Review
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