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Standard Process Symplex F Review
Standard Process Symplex F Review

PUBLISHED: 08/14/2013 by BR Publishing
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Standard Process Symplex F

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Standard Process Symplex F has been advertised as a dietary health product that was designed to sustain the health of the ovaries and the adrenal, thyroid, and pituitary glands.

The business that stands behind this product and manufactured it is a United States company that was established in 1929 in Wisconsin and is called Standard Process. This company presents itself as being devoted to improving the quality of life using health products that are both potent as well as safe. Each formula undergoes two types of research during its development, one that is called discovery science and the other that takes place during clinical trials. This is a business that practices organic farming and grows most of its own ingredient because they believe that quality stars with the harvest. Special attention is given to the manufacturing stages where a team of microbiologists and chemists test each batch as to asses its purity and effectiveness.

The manufacturer claims that Standard Process Symplex F was developed as to provide unique derived nucleoprotein-mineral extracts that are presented as being effective in supporting the health of cells. Standard Process Symplex F has been manufactured using a series of bovine extracts thus making it not suitable for vegetarian use.

Standard Process Symplex F Ingredients

Standard Process Symplex F contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Magnesium citrate, bovine ovary PMG extract, bovine adrenal PMG extract, bovine pituitary PMG extract, and bovine thyroid PMG extract (processed to remove its thyroxine).

Product Features

Standard Process Symplex F is a mixture of a few bovine extracts that are blended together with several other ingredients that have a passive role in this blend.

Bovine adrenal extract is one of the active ingredients that can be found in this product and is presented to be a chemical that is created from the adrenal glands of slaughtered bovines. This extract presents with some therapeutic qualities and some people use it as medicine that can be administered either by mouth, sublingually, or it can also be injected into the blood stream. When consumed by mouth this ingredient presents effects that can help with low adrenal function, stress, severe allergies, fatigue rheumatoid arthritis or psoriasis. If used in the sublingual method this extract can provide help with conditions like physical and emotional stress, allergies, general fatigue, autoimmune disorders, or depression. When injected directly in the blood, this ingredient can help with low adrenal function, high levels of potassium, ulcerative colitis, or it can even prevent a miscarriage; regarding this method there are serious health concerns because there have been  cases reported in which the injection site was infected. We advise not to use this ingredient if pregnant, nursing, or suffering from low immune system function.

On tablet per day that is to be taken with each meal is the suggested use of Standard Process Symplex F. Two purchase options are available, one of a bottle that holds 90 and the other of 360.

Sale Price: $34.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • Two size containers are available, one small of 90 tablets and the other large one of 360.
  • The company that developed has more than 80 years of experience.


  • Standard Process Symplex F is not suitable for vegetarian use.
  • Pregnant or nursing women should avoid one of the ingredients used.
  • There are no free trials or money back guarantees available.


Standard Process Symplex F is a dietary health product that has been made using extract that come from a bovine source and aims to sustain the health of the ovaries, thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. The manufacturer makes this product available in two forms, one of 90 tablets and the other of 360 tablets, the suggeste use being of three tablets per day, one with each meal. This product is not suitable for vegetarian use and comes with a high price. The company that produced this formula pays special attention to the quality and effectiveness of each batch and tests extensively during manufacturing.

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Standard Process Symplex F Review
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