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Standard Process ProSynbiotic Review
Standard Process ProSynbiotic Review

PUBLISHED: 11/11/2013 by BR Technical
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Standard Process ProSynbiotic

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Standard Process ProSynbiotic is a dietary remedy promoted to enhance intestinal health by supporting the flora. The product manufactured by Standard Process is advertised as being a blend of four probiotic ingredients that were chosen based on rigorous research.

The company which manufactures the formula takes pride in offering products that they consider to be of high quality, effective and reliable for those who desire to follow a treatment based on natural ingredients. It was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee whose nickname was Einstein of nutrition. They currently provide somewhere around 300 products that vary from veterinary formulas to whole foods. A company currently offers three main categories of products: Whole Foods, Veterinary Formulas and MediHerb.

Standard Process ProSynbiotic was introduced in 2010 and it should be capable of offering a series of benefits that range from supporting bowel regularity as well as contributing to the absorption of magnesium and calcium. Two particularly chosen ingredients for this formula are galactooligosaccharide and insulin, both utilized as food by probiotic bacteria. On a general note, this product should support the natural immune response of the organism.

Standard Process ProSynbiotic Ingredients

Standard Process ProSynbiotic contains the following ingredients: Dietary Fiber, Sugars, Sodium, and a Proprietary Blend containing oat fiber, beet fiber, rice (bran), carrot (root), beef (root), apple pectin, and carrot fibers.

Product Features

Standard Process ProSynbiotic was designed based on the fact that fermented food has been a part of human diet since approximately 5000 years ago. Its positive effects haven’t been researched in a detailed way. Recent studies have pointed out the role of good bacteria and overall impact on the organism. A complex set of additional benefits vary from immune system modulation to vitamin synthesis.

Standard Process ProSynbiotic features a probiotic blend which is completed by galactooligosaccharide and insulin. The blend was included with the purpose of maintaining a healthy intestinal environment due to the fact that it is useful when gut microbes are challenged by either external or internal factors. For instance, one of its components is Lactobacillus acidophilus which is a bacteria generally found inside the small intestine. It actually comes with a wide historical background of inclusion in dietary supplements. They’re useful to the organism because they produce certain compounds that the organism can use in order to make the environment less hospitable for other bacteria. So far, consumption of Lactobacillus is viewed as safe, particularly if the dosage is respected. Therefore, no major side-effects have been reported.

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  • It is a product considered good for people who are undergoing stress, travel often or are taking prescription medication
  • Designed by a company with an enhanced background in nutritional support, it is viewed as a safe product with little to no side-effects
  • Health benefits are presented as being research-validated


  • People who are following this diet may need the consult of a personal healthcare provider prior to beginning this treatment
  • The product needs to be kept in dried areas
  • Released in 2010, it is relatively new on the nutritional market, thus there are not that many customer reviews


All in all, Standard Process ProSynbiotic represents a dietary supplement that was released in 2010 with the purpose of helping individuals that often travel, are taking medication which harms their stomach or are undergoing stressful periods that interferes with their proper dieting. It also insulin and galactooligosaccharide which have been carefully chosen to fulfill daily nutritional needs. The product doesn’t come with any major side-effects, but being relatively new on the market, there aren’t that many customer testimonials to base its advantages or disadvantages on. However, it is a supplement released by a widely known company with a big historical background, hence it presents strong prerequisites for effectiveness.

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Standard Process ProSynbiotic ReviewBR Technical32016-05-17 12:09:31
Standard Process ProSynbiotic Review
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    With a probiotic told to look for 40 to 50 billion cfus, just bought this product and label says 4 billion cfus. At such a low level, how effective can it be?