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Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG Review
Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG Review

PUBLISHED: 03/13/2013 by BR Moderator
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Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG

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Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG is advertised as a homeopathic that was created to support normal cell growth and differentiation. It was introduced on the nutritional field in 1956 by a business called Standard Process.

With more than 80 years of activity on the nutritional market, the business behind this remedy was founded by Dr. Royal Lee, also known under the alias “Einstein of nutrition.” His personal nutrition philosophy, which is different from other founders, reveals the fact that he thinks the source of a component to be of more importance than the quantity of each utilized in nutritional products. Due to this, even a tiny quantity from a whole food may lead to a major difference. Standard Process states that they’re using a method of manufacturing which derives tissue cell determinant from animal organs and glands. Moreover, the calcium used in this formula comes in a lactate form and is pure-vegetable, thereby not dairy obtained.

A particular feature of their quality-control and manufacturing processes is that they kept the enzymatic vitality as well as nutritional potential of their compounds through high-vacuum and low-temperature drying techniques. Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG is based on a mixture between porcine eye PMG extract, magnesium, and calcium to maintain healthy eyes and in some cases help people suffering from eye problems.

Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG Ingredients

Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Sodium, and a Proprietary Blend containing porcine eye PMG extract and magnesium citrate.

Product Features

Because the tear and wear from sustained chemical activity that is caused by light processing, particularly blue and ultraviolet can cause wear to the eye, some nutritional businesses have developed some products that target eye damage avoidance. One of these is represented by Oculotrophin PMG which was offered to the every-day individual by Standard Process.

It’s a known fact that eye is composed of a series of proteins, enzymes, amino-acids, as well as vitamin and mineral complexes, and each one of them takes a part, in different concentration, in the sustenance of normal visual functioning. This sustenance of normal nutrient levels within the eye is important in keeping the eyes healthy.

Protomorphogen extract is actually the brand name of Standard Process extracts that are directly derived from molecules of nucleoprotein-mineral. The base for the functioning of these nucleoprotein-mineral extracts is obtained from reaction of antigen-antibody that usually takes place during proper cellular maintenance. These antigenic properties sustain healthy division, growth and function. When a tissues needs support, a dozen compounds are created and they may cause white blood cells to go towards the compromised area. These feature degenerative products created by tissues themselves. Due to the fact that they activate the macrophage system, after a few hours macrophages devour destroyed tissue byproducts.

The porcine eye PMG extract contained by Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG manages to neutralize the antibodies, thus taking a part in maintenance of cellular health. Due to this, people that have eye problems such as conjunctivitis, ocular hypertension or glaucoma can benefit from this treatment.

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  • Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG was introduced on the nutritional market in 1956, thus it has more than fifty years of experience
  • Most of the customer feedback is positive
  • The porcine extract contained by the product specifically targets the health of the eyes


  • Only people who suffer from eye problems can notice a difference when following this treatment
  • Although manufacturer doesn’t state anything about possible side-effects, some may appear due to its ingredients
  • None of the producer claims were FDA tested


Overall, Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG is advertised as a remedy that was designed to help people who have eye problems such as ocular hypertension, glaucoma, or conjunctivitis by covering the nutritional gap. On the other hand, it doesn’t actually work for those who already have healthy eyes in the sense that they won’t to observe a notable difference. Despite the fact that there is no potential side-effect stated by Standard Process, there can be some that may appear during the treatment and to avoid it, it is recommended to be careful with the label dosages. A negative aspect of Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG is the fact that vegetarians and vegans can’t take it because it contains animal traces that may cause harm.

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Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG ReviewBR Moderator3.252016-05-17 12:09:31
Standard Process Oculotrophin PMG Review
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    I have been taking 2 tablets per day for 3 weeks. Are there any reported side affects (such as acid reflux)?

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      Hello Fatima,

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