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Standard Process Neuroplex Review
Standard Process Neuroplex Review

PUBLISHED: 11/25/2013 by brreader
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Standard Process Neuroplex

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Standard Process Neuroplex represents a natural remedy featuring a spectrum of minerals, vitamins and complementary tissues designed with the purpose to enhance cognitive functionality and endocrine system activity. This means that people who consume this supplement manufactured by Standard Process should observe a boost in concentration, memory and focus. Although its main target is the improvement of nerve connections, the manufacturer presents this product as being reliable for the endocrine gland as well in the sense that its proper functionality should be supported by containing ingredients.

The business behind this dietary supplement was set up in 1929 and seeks to deliver good products at affordable prices. They claim that the company’s core focus is on both the ingredient that are chosen for their remedies as well as on the manufacturing processes that lead to the final product. The man behind the company is Dr. Royal Lee and his philosophy is that ingredients should be delivered to people as natural as possible. The company currently sells over one hundred products which are divided into three major lines: Standard Process, MediHerb and Veterinary Formulas.

Standard Process Neuroplex also features a proprietary blend that contains components which come from an animal source, thus limiting vegan and vegetarian access.

Standard Process Neuroplex Ingredients

Standard Process Neuroplex contains the following ingredients: Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Iron, Zinc, Copper and a Proprietary Blend that includes Tillandsai usneoides, bovine orchic Cytosol extract, porcine brain PMG extract, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, defatted wheat (germ), bovine hypothalamus, ovine anterior pituitary, bovine liver, calcium lactate, para-aminobenxzoate, bovine pituitary PMG extract, porcine brain, and ascorbic acid.

Product Features

Standard Process Neuroplex was released on the market as a cognitive enhancement natural supplement in the year 1986. The product contains a series of minerals, vitamins and complementary tissues that are carefully chosen to fulfill the daily requirements in order to ensure memory, concentration, attention and focus boosting effects. Furthermore, due to some of its components, the manufacturer also suggests its use for those who want to properly support the health of their endocrine gland.

A specific feature of Standard Process Neuroplex relies on the fact that it has a proprietary blend with bovine, ovine and porcine extracts as well as ascorbic acid and para-aminobenzoate. The reason of their inclusion is based on what is known as “glandular therapy” which states that dried animal endocrine gland tissues are used to treat a variety of medical conditions. The basic premise of this therapy that has been used for centuries is “like heals like”.

On the other hand, one of the main ingredients found in Standard Process Neuroplex is niacin. Most commonly known by the name of Vitamin B3, this component is usually consumed for Alzheimer’s disease, age-related loss of thinking skills, depression and schizophrenia. Studies suggest that it may be a good addition for those who suffer from memory loss, ADHD or just desire to reduce certain aging effects. Side-effects of niacin utilization are minor and include itching, tingling, headaches and redness of the arms, chest or face.

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  • It is a product with a reliable background and a long history of use
  • It is good for both the nervous system as well as the health of the endocrine gland
  • Most of its ingredients have well-known beneficial effects


  • It can be harmful for children under the age of 6 due to its iron composition
  • Vegetarians and vegans can’t use the formula


Standard Process Neuroplex is presented as a natural remedy that seeks to boost cognitive functionality while also maintaining the endocrine gland within proper parameters. It features a mixture between a proprietary blend and a series of minerals and vitamins that were carefully chosen to fulfill the daily requirements of adults. The product only comes with a series of minor side-effects due to some of its ingredients. However, considering the large number of components, individuals with known allergies should consult a personal healthcare provider before taking this remedy. Furthermore, children under the age of 6 should be carefully monitored while under treatment and take less than the adult suggested dosage, as iron poisoning risks may occur.

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Standard Process Neuroplex Review
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2 User Reviews about Standard Process Neuroplex
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    I have recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Have been told by my chiropractor that Neuroplex would be good for me. My question, I am taking Sinemet and while taking this drug have to be very careful not taking iron as the iron depletes it. The Neuroplex has iron in it. What are you views on this??