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Standard Process Iplex Review
Standard Process Iplex Review

PUBLISHED: 12/28/2015 by brreader
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Standard Process Iplex

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Standard Process Iplex is an over-the counter medication for maintaining ocular health.

The formula is advertised to support normal eye function, healthy eye vascular tissue, and healthy cellular and connective tissue associated with the eye. Iplex is also claimed to include key-ingredients of other supplements developed by this manufacturer like Cataplex A-C, Cataplex G, Oculotrophin, or Cyruta. These products are also eye supplements or feature some ingredients that support healthy eye function.

The company behind this supplement is Standard Process. Their activity began in 1929 and since then they have been developing whole food nutrient solutions. The founder, Dr. Royal Lee started the company with the declared purpose of creating nutritional solutions as close as possible to those available in nature. Most of the active ingredients are grown locally in the company–s certified organic farm.

This particular formula is based on two types of ingredients. The vitamins are listed first, and are followed by the proprietary blend that features a large list of compounds some of which are not common to other nutritional supplements on the market. Unfortunately the producer doesn–t offer any information as to why they decided to include such an unusual list of ingredients and what are the specific benefits brought by this proprietary mixture. It is not clear whether there is any kind of research behind the formula–s development, even though some of its ingredients have been shown to benefit the eye and vision in general.


Standard Process Iplex contains the following ingredients: Standard Process Iplex contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, proprietary Blend: arrowroot flour, Inositol, calcium lactate, porcine eye PM extract, phosphoric acid, dried buckwheat (leaf) juice, buckwheat (seed), veal bone PMG extract, bovine liver, magnesium citrate, porcine stomach, Choline bitartrate, nutritional yeast, carrot (root), sweet potato, bovine adrenal, defatted wheat (germ), alfalfa flour, bovine kidney, para-Aminobenzoate, dried alfalfa (whole plant) juice, Allantoin, mushroom, manganese Glycerophosphate, bovine adrenal Cytosol extract, porcine brain, bovine bone, dl-Methionine, oat flour, sunflower lecithin, veal bone, vitamin E (sunflower), carrot oil, and rice (bran).

Product Features

As stated before the structure of Standard Process Iplex is based on two main classes of nutrients: first we have the vitamins (A, C, B2, B3, and B6) and secondly there–s the proprietary blend containing approximately 30 active substances.

Vitamin A is considered a key-nutrient in maintaining a healthy vision. Two forms of vitamin A are currently known- the animal forms (retinoids) and the plant extracted forms (carotenoids). Beta-carotene is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants are known to bring numerous benefits, including combating the damage caused by free radicals throughout the entire human body (chronic diseases or premature aging of organs and dysfunctions). Retinol helps in the production of pigments in the retina of the eye. Vitamin A also helps maintain optimal night vision.

Vitamin C is another antioxidant essential for the eye but not limited to this organ. Its main benefits come from the role it plays in the formation and maintenance of connective tissue, including of the collagen that forms the cornea. Besides its numerous other health benefits (maintaining healthy bones, circulatory system, and skin), Vitamin C si also considered an essential element in the prevention and treatment of cataract and macular degeneration. It–s important to remember that humans cannot naturally produce vitamin C which can only be assimilated by having a healthy diet.

The other three vitamins in the formula are all B vitamins, and there–s sufficient evidence about the eye benefits of these nutrients. Maintaining optimal levels of these nutrients is also important.

The proprietary blend included in Standard Process Iplex features animal extracts (porcine eye PM extract, veal bone PM extract, bovine liver, porcine stomach, bovine kidney, porcine brain, or bovine bone). These are rich sources of vitamins (vitamin A, antioxidants) and chemicals that nourish the eye and maintain its functionality. Still, evidence in this area is more than limited, and we will assume the producer has made its own research when it decided to use such compounds in their formula.

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Sale Price: $49.99

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon.com


  • Standard Process has a vast experience and enjoys a good reputation in the nutritional supplements industry
  • The formula is sold for a moderate price and is available both on and offline


  • Standard Process Iplex is not a clinically studied formulation. FDA does not approve its use in the treatment of eye disorders
  • There–s little information of how the active ingredients in the proprietary blend benefit ocular health; also, the manufacturer does not justify the use of so many substances and what potential interactions could appear between them
  • No money-back guarantee is offered by the manufacturer


As most of the nutritional supplements on the market, Standard Process Iplex is not the subject of an appropriate clinical trial that would demonstrate its effectiveness. Another disturbing fact is that on the official page of the product, there–s little to no information provided about the formula itself, mechanism of action, or warnings and potential side effects. The data provided is limited to a list of ingredients, most of which we have never seen in the composition of another dietary supplement. Of course there is a lot of information available online on websites that don–t have anything to do with this product or the manufacturer, but it would have been nice to see that the producer tries to provide as much data as possible to its potential clients.

Unfortunately, this formula doesn–t benefit of a large number of consumer testimonials, which is another disadvantage as many potential users consult such reviews before deciding to make a purchase. This being said, we believe the best approach is to ask a specialized professional about the product so that he or she decides if it is the a suited solution to each patient specific problem.

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Standard Process Iplex Review
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