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Standard Process Gastro-Fiber Review
Standard Process Gastro-Fiber Review

PUBLISHED: 02/28/2013 by BR Publishing
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Standard Process Gastro-Fiber

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Enhancing the health of the intestinal environments, Standard Process Gastro-Fiber contains ingredients like fennel that helps with indigestion, abdominal cramps, and gas relief. It is one of the newest product from Standard Process that was added on the nutritional field in 2002.

The producer is a company founded in 1929 in Milwaukee. Its creator is Dr. Royal Lee, known on the nutritional field under the nickname of “Einstein.” He relies his beliefs of optimal nourishment through supplements on the idea that the provenience of a component is more important than the amount used, no matter which dietary supplement contains it. Due to this, even a small amount of a whole food can impact positively the people taking it.

Standard Process Gastro-Fiber offers both insoluble and soluble fiber which sustains the digestive system, thus promoting healthy intestinal environments that help maintain the intestinal flora. This sustenance is provided from the phytonutrients from the walls of the plant’s cells that should work together to enhance several intestinal functions. This mixture between botanicals and whole foods that contain multiple nutrients and soluble fiber compensates for an unhealthy diet of people surpassing periods of change that directly affects their eating habits or those with stressful jobs.

Standard Process Gastro-Fiber Ingredients

Standard Process Gastro-Fiber contains the following ingredients: Dietary Fiber and a Proprietary Blend containing Psyllium (husk) powder, collinsonia (root) powcker, apple pectin, fennel (seed), and fenugreek (seed) powder.

Product Features

Promoted as a dietary supplement that supports healthy gastrointestinal elimination by enhancing the health of the digestive system, Standard Process Gastro-Fiber features dietary fiber as a core ingredient. Generally speaking, dietary fiber is a term used to caractherize nondigestible carbohydrates that are found in the walls of the cells of plants. These have specific effects when it comes to various gastrointestinal functions.

For example, there are some compounds contained by dietary fiber that influence the time in which food travels throughout the intestine. By regulating the quantity of water absorbed by the intestine and others that are involved directly in the metabolizing fat ingestion, it improves the elimination processes, therefore helping people that take this treatment to detoxify their organisms and lose weight.

The main dietary fiber types are cellulose, lignin, bran, mucilage, gum, pectin, and hemi-cellulose. Soluble fiber can help prevent some issues that occur in the digestive system by stimulating the constant movement of waste materials which usually go through the gastrointestinal tract. Despite the fact that many natural foods contain dietary fiber, food refinement as well as processing usually eliminates a large quantity of these. Due to this aspect, most of the nutritional businesses have designed several supplementation forms to help the organism with the balance of dietary fibers.

The manufacturer recommends the daily intake of Standard Process Gastro-Fiber to be of three capsules taken with water on an empty stomach.

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  • It contains dietary fiber which is supported by scientific studies as having positive effects on the digestive system
  • Customer feedback revealed that this product helps with weight-loss, stomach problems, or people who have poor diets
  • Can be taken by vegans and vegetarians and doesn’t have any reported side effects


  • It is one of Standard Process new products with a little bit more than ten years of experience and more customer feedback is needed to determine its general effects
  • Manufacturer doesn’t have a money-back guarantee, international shipment or free samples
  • If not taken on an empty stomach, Standard Process Gastro-Fiber may have no effect whatsoever


Promoted as a formula that provides help when it comes to lubrication and cleansing of the intestines, hence promoting a regular elimination, Standard Process Gastro-Fiber contains dietary fiber mixed with a proprietary blend. Moreover, it promotes pH balance of the gastrointestinal tract, thus offering help to people who either want to lose weight surpass periods of stress in which their diets have nutrient gaps or have digestion problems like stomach cramps. It can found at moderate prices on either the manufacturer website or other online retailers. Most of the customer feedback revealed positive results. But it is important to take this supplement only on an empty stomach so that desired results are obtained.

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Standard Process Gastro-Fiber Review
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