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Standard Process Ferrofood Review
Standard Process Ferrofood Review

PUBLISHED: 02/24/2013 by BR Publishing
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Standard Process Ferrofood

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Promoted as a supplement that helps maintain normal blood production, Standard Process Ferrofood was introduced on the nutritional market in 1944. Its main benefit is based on a high iron quantity which is specifically reliable for women during pregnancy and lactation periods.

The business that provides this remedy to individuals is named Standard Process and was founded in 1929 by Dr. Royal Lee. Often considered to be the “Einstein as nutrition,” this world-wide appreciated CEO stated that the biggest difference between its business and similar others is their focus on the source from which they obtain the component rather than the quantity used. He also said that a small amount of a whole food is able of offer the nutrients needed by the body in order to function properly.

Standard Process Ferrofood contains multiple nutrients obtained from animal or plant sources. Furthermore, a unique manufacturing process of deriving tissues from animal glands or organs was used during the fabrication processes. Its manufacturer claims that this formulation exhibits a low risk of side-effects such as constipation due to its organic compounds used in low dosages. It is mostly suggested for people with iron deficiencies because of factors like weight loss, menstruation, growth periods, aging, or pregnancy.

Standard Process Ferrofood Ingredients

Standard Process Ferrofood contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Iron and a Proprietary blend containing bovine liver, bovine bone, defatted wheat (germ), carbamide, bovine spleen PMG extract, veal bone, bovine adrenal, porcine duodenum, carrot (root), choline bitartate, bovine spleen, ovine spleen, ot flour, citric acid, porcine stomach parenchyma, dried alfalfa (whole plant) juice, mushroom, Tillandsia usneoides, rica (bran), licorice (root), paraaminobenzate, magnesium citrate, flaxseed oil extract, bovine liver fat extract, and mixed toccopherols (soy).

Product Features

In comparison to early Egyptians who used minerals to support the health of their hair, current knowledge related to the iron requirements by the body is more sophisticated. In Ancient Greece, iron was combined with wine and utilized to restore decrease of sexual function that was most of the times age-related. On the other hand, over the centuries, the iron requirements in metabolic activity and human nutrition have been researched and studies revealed that without it, the body is unable to synthesize hemoglobin because blood features a protein-iron compound that carries the oxygen from lungs to tissues.

Due to the fact that iron needs in normal body functioning, manufacturers have developed a set of supplements that aim to fulfill the gap by providing daily amounts of this mineral. One of these remedies is Standard Process Ferrofood. By having a quantity of 10 mg iron per serving, this product intends to avoid problems like anemia, while also enhancing healthy red-blood-cell formations. In addition, this component has a positive effect on treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), canker sores, fatigue, inability to get pregnant, depression, and Crohn’s diseases. In most of the cases, women take iron based supplements in order to make up for iron loss that occurs during menstrual periods.

The recommended daily intake of Standard Process Ferrofood is one capsule per day, after a meal and with water. It is important to follow the label dosage in order to avoid potential unwanted side-effects.

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  • Standard Process Ferrofood was introduced on the market in 1944, thus has more than sixty years on the nutritional market
  • Almost all consumer reviews report positive results on both short and long term usage
  • It is often reported to cure iron deficiency


  • Standard Process doesn’t have 24/7 client support, money-back guarantee policies or international shipment
  • The product can’t be used by vegans, vegetarians, or people taking antibiotics


Advertised as a supplement that should be an alternative to regular iron drugs, Standard Process Ferrofood should used by people during growth or when iron deficiency problems like anemia, depression, fatigue, or Crohn’s disease are present. Specifically, women during menstrual times may take this remedy to balance their iron levels. Except for the remedy’s main ingredient there are also two vitamins that facilitate the bodily absorption. These are Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C. However, people using antibiotics are advised not to take this treatment while following the antibiotic treatment because the iron can interact and lead to side-effects such as diarrhea, nausea, and pains.

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Standard Process Ferrofood Review
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