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Standard Process Epimune Complex Review
Standard Process Epimune Complex Review

PUBLISHED: 02/24/2013 by brreader
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Standard Process Epimune Complex

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Standard Process Epimune Complex is promoted as a dietary supplement that aims to provide support to particular aspects of the immune functions. Furthermore, it helps the nasal passages and normal mucus secretion, hence the respiratory system is kept healthy year-round, particularly during seasonal changes.

The product was introduced on the market in the year 2009 by a business founded by Dr. Royal Lee who has been often called “the Einstein of nutrition.” The company’s name is Standard Process. A specific feature of this business is the fact that they have divided their products into three product lines which are known as: Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, Standard Process whole food supplement, and MediHerb. Each category is specialized on a specific area of the body, thus the components contained by the products feature compounds with different roles for the bodily functions and organs.

The main positive effect of Standard Process Epimune Complex is linked directly to immunity, specifically the immune cells that are included in responses that occur naturally in the organism. These cells are: B cells, natural killers, macrophage cells antibodies, and offer comprehensive support to the entire structure, thus supporting proper numbers of each that contribute to the general health improvement.

There are no claims regarding potential side-effects or people that shouldn’t follow this treatment.

Standard Process Epimune Complex Ingredients

Standard Process Epimune Complex contains the following ingredients: Vitamin C, Calcium, Zinc, Dried yeast fermentate (EpiCor), maitake mushroom extract (MaitakeGold), maitake mushroom powder, turkey tail mushroom powder, calcium lactate, cellulose, zinc, rice chelate, acerola (berry), and manioc (root).

Product Features

The regulation of the immune system represents a process made out of complicated total-body efforts. The system’s natural response starts in the bone-marrow tissue where cells are formed. These cells have a wide array of qualities that vary from engaging in an active response against anything perceived as “nonself” by the organism to acting as sentinels. However, because they have a short life span, the body is regularly renewing them. In order to support replenishing processes of cells, nutritional businesses have started manufacturing specific products that provide nutrients able achieve these standards. One of these is Standard Process Epimune Complex, a mixture of ingredients that “feed” the immune system.

One of the Standard Process Epimune Complex ingredients is supported by research and obtained from fermented, dried brewer’s yeast that grows only under proper conditions. Its name is EpiCor and its property is to feed the organism with a blend of nutrients that are later “stressed” under anaerobic circumstances.

Other important ingredient of this formulation is turkey tail mushroom powder, scientifically named Cariolus versicolor. It is processed from a wild mushroom that is native to Asia, North America, and Europe. It was utilized in traditional Asian medicine. Furthermore, it was mentioned in the writings dating from the Ming Dynasty in China. Additionally, LI Shi Zhen wrote about turkey tail mushroom and stated that “it is good for the spirit, vital energy and vigor.” No unwanted side-effects of its usage were reported so far.

Daily suggested dosage according to the label of the product is two capsules per day and the treatment starts to make a difference in approximately one week.

Sale Price: $77.00

Free Trial* Available: No

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  • It represents a combination of ingredients chosen for their nutritive supports towards the cells of the immune system
  • Standard Process, the manufacturer is a widely experienced company that sells over three hundred supplements
  • Most of the customers reviews were positive


  • Standard Process Epimune Complex was introduced as a supplement in 2009, thus it is relatively new
  • No international shipment, money-back guarantee, 24/7 client support are offered
  • Some of its ingredients require further scientific research


Mainly made out of a combination between EpiCor, maitake mushroom powder, turkey tail mushroom powder, maitake gold, calcium, acerola, and zinc, Standard Process Epimune Complex is promoted a remedy destined to improve the immune system of the people taking the treatment. It should provide nutritional support to the organism so that antibodies, natural killer cells, B cells and macrophage cells can be more easily replenished, thus maintaining the body’s natural responses to viruses, bacteria, and oxidative stress. Even though this remedy is regarded as expensive, the producer and online reviews assure of its efficacy on both short and long term usage.

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Standard Process Epimune Complex Reviewbrreader32016-04-27 12:09:31
Standard Process Epimune Complex Review
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    This Epimune Complex from Standard Process has done wonders for my immunity, I used to catch colds all the time, but since I started taking it I forgot what it means to be sick with a cold or flu.