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Standard Process Cyruta Review
Standard Process Cyruta Review

PUBLISHED: 02/14/2013 by brreader
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Standard Process Cyruta

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Standard Process Cyruta is advertised by its makers as a homeopathic remedy capable to support healthy levels of cholesterol that are already on proper values. In addition, it is claimed to offer peripheral circulation support as well as improvement when it comes to cellular glucose handling. The business called Standard Process is the one behind this remedy.

By possessing a vast background on the nutritional market, Standard Process is in fact a business first established in 1929 that has released more than three hundred products by now. A particular feature of this company in comparison to others the division of its releases into three product lines which are Standard Process whole food supplements, MedHerb, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas. Nowadays, their field of influence expands from condition-specific formulas to herbal remedies capable of providing nutritional support.

Standard Process Cyruta contains a proprietary blend in combination with the positive effects of Vitamin C. The main ingredient of this blend is Buckwheat, or Fagopyrum esculentum, typically regarded as a food due to the fact that it’s not among the cereal grasses, but the herbaceous plants.

This formulation mainly focuses on improving the walls of the arteries while helping the body fight against the effects caused by free radicals.

Standard Process Cyruta Ingredients

Standard Process Cyruta includes the following ingredients: Vitamin C and a proprietary blend containing dried buckwheat, bovine adrenal Cytosol extract, inositol and oat flour.

Product Features

Being a product promoted for featuring independent factors that can help maintain the health of the capillary walls, hence eliminating cholesterol from the entire circulatory system, Standard Process Cyruta relies its effects on a combination between Vitamin C and a proprietary herbal blend.

This particular blend features dried buckwheat. This ingredient is thought to have a phytochemical named rutin which is a part of flavonoids, thus explaining its qualities as an antioxidant. Because of this, rutin can help the body protect itself against a large variety of oxidative toxins such as those released in minor-fiber irritation. It is often viewed as a powerful radical eliminator, better than Vitamin C or E. On the other hand, synergistically speaking the mixture between rutin and those two vitamins is able to create an antioxidant powerhouse.

One important feature linked to this antioxidant property possessed by rutin is enhancing the skin’s quality which is vulnerable to environmental damage like sun rays. Because of this, rutin supplementation can overall help protect the skin and nerves from oxidative damage.

Furthermore, the fiber found in buckwheat which is soluble may maintain a proper balance between low and high density of lipoproteins, therefore preventing oxidation of lipoproteins in the artery walls.

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  • By being on the market since 1948, Standard Process Cyruta enjoyed a great popularity among its consumers and showed positive results almost every time
  • The particular combination between Vitamin C and buckwheat is known as lowering cholesterol levels
  • The manufacturers offer a descriptive sheet for this product


  • No international shipment, money-back guarantee or free sample is offered
  • The manufacturers don’t offer a 24/7 assistance like most of the companies nowadays


All in all, Standard Process Cyruta is advertised as a dietary supplement meant for those who desire an enhancement of their cardiovascular systems by lowering levels of cholesterol that usually harm the coronary walls. In addition, the supplement may also prove helpful in enhancing concentration, memory and attention. On the other hand, further research is needed in order to validate these claims. Its main benefits are due to a combination between a proprietary blend whose main compound is dried buckwheat and Vitamin C. Despite the fact lack of claimed side-effect from a manufacturer point of view, some may be noticed and people should immediately stop its usage if so.

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Standard Process Cyruta Review
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