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Standard Process Cyruta Plus Review
Standard Process Cyruta Plus Review

PUBLISHED: 02/14/2013 by brreader
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Standard Process Cyruta Plus

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Standard Process Cyruta Plus is promoted a dietary supplement which was manufactured with the purpose of providing support for the capillary integrity and functions. Particularly, the formula concentrates on improving circulatory transport that further determines an improvement in the area peripheral circulation as well as cellular glucose.

The supplement is a design by Standard Process. This nutritional business focused on providing its clients with products of high quality at affordable prices. A specific feature that distinguishes this company from others is the wide spread of areas from the human body that may benefit by using their homeopathic remedies as well as specific-condition formulations. They divided their products into three product lines which are MedHerb, Standard Process whole food supplementation, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas. Ever since their start in 1929, Standard Process had a great popularity within its clientele that usually report positive effects on both short-term and long-term usage.

Standard Process Cyruta Plus is based on a mixture between Vitamin C and a proprietary blend whose effects on the body are determined by its main compound named buckwheat. Dr. Royal Lee, the founder of the company, motivates this holistic approach by stating that the source of an ingredient is more important than the quantity found on the labels.

Standard Process Cyruta Plus Ingredients

Standard Process Cyruta Plus includes the following ingredients: Vitamin C and a proprietary blend containing dried buckwheat, bovine adrenal Cytosol extract, inositol, and oat flour.

Product Features

By being an improvement of the supplement that was released only two years prior to this one which goes by approximately the same name, Standard Process Cyruta Plus is claimed to provide help with circulatory transport and improving integrity of the capillary walls.

This product contains three mg of Vitamin C per portion. This number represents four percent of the recommended intake calculated per day-usage. Despite the fact that this component is utilized to utter the positive influence of buckwheat, its presence in this remedy is of highly important. The body needs this vitamin for maintaining collagen levels which are the main substances from connective tissues, those that keep the body from breaking apart. Moreover, it adjusts production of cell adhesion molecules in lymphocytes and monocytes, so that the buckwheat can have a proper assimilation.

Buckwheat represents an herbaceous plant with high amounts of Vitamin E, Vitamin B, proteins, and phosphorus. In addition, it has more magnesium, copper and iron than wheat. The link between diminishing cholesterol levels and buckwheat is based on its antioxidant properties. The cardiovascular system is thus enhanced because it avoids oxidation of low density lipoprotein within artery walls. No side-effects were reported so far.

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  • Standard Process Cyruta Plus is an improved version of the release in 1939 that goes by the name of Standard Process Cyruta
  • All consumers were satisfied with the beneficial effects of the remedy


  • Manufacturer doesn’t offer the money back if the client is not satisfied with the purchase
  • People from outside the United States have to search on local online retailers because international shipment has not been made available


As an improvement of the prior released remedy with the same advertised beneficial effects from the same company, Standard Process Cyruta Plus contains a higher concentration of buckwheat and its benefits are reported by most of the people that have already followed the treatment. Mostly, it seeks to provide cardiovascular support by enhancing the cholesterol transport through coronaries and arteries. Particularly, people with blood coagulation disorders, overcoming heart surgeries or those who are overweight may use this remedy to better their well-being. Despite the fact that there are no side-effects reported by consumers, it is advised to avoid the excess by taking only two capsules per day.

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Standard Process Cyruta Plus Review
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5 User Reviews about Standard Process Cyruta Plus
  1. 1

    Started using cyruta plus about a month ago, taking three daily (wanted to ease into the standard recommended of 8 daily), to help rid my vericose veins before they become dvt, ya know be proactive and all. Love love love this product. After a week (and a small case of diarrhea) there was a significant difference of the vein protrusion, and the dull ache after a long day of standing at work is basically gone. I highly recommend talking to your PHP about starting this supplement if you have any vein related issues (especially like high cholesterol!). It’s referred to as the “roto-rooter for veins”, and they don’t lie about that! I have one concern though..I want another baby and I’m not sure what stopping these will do for me, or continuing taking them at what risk to a fetus. Any advise would be great on this matter!

  2. 2

    Jennifer Young

    Cyruta Plus works as well as expensive prescription drugs for circulation, without any of the side effects. I strongly recommend this Standard Process product if you have a high cholesterol level or any heart issue. It helped me feel a lot better.

  3. 3

    John Dinkel, I hope you are better
    I also want to know the answer
    Did you manage to get an answer for your question

    Thank you

  4. 4

    I broke out in an itch after taking Cyruta Plus. The doctor said that the itch was from the Cyruta, so I stopped taking it.

  5. 5

    I recently had a hemorrhagic stroke (technical diagnosis is “Intracerebral Amyloid Angiopathy”) aka a micro-bleeding of a blood vessel in the brain. This is due to the combination of high blood pressure and weak blood vessel walls.

    Cyruta Plus was recommended to me but I need to know if this product thins the blood? If so, it is contra-indicated for my condition which needs superior blood coagulation.

    Thank you