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Standard Process Cataplex GTF Review
Standard Process Cataplex GTF Review

PUBLISHED: 02/27/2013 by BR Publishing
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Standard Process Cataplex GTF

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Advertised as an enhancement of the carbohydrate digestion quality, Standard Process Cataplex GTF helps people maintain normal blood sugar and blood lipid levels, but only in combination with a well-balanced diet for people that already have normal lipid-levels. The company behind this product goes by the name of Standard Process.

The business was established by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929 in Milwaukee. Its creator based its nutritional belief system on the idea that the provenience of an ingredient is of higher importance compared to the quantity used in the supplements. They currently design and distribute approximately three hundred products that are separated into three lines of production that are: MediHerb, Standard Process whole food supplements, and Standard Process Veterinary Formulas. Every one of their products particularly focuses a medical condition or a bodily function by utilizing ingredients with proven properties.

Standard Process Cataplex GTF contains ingredients that are derived from food sources. For example, the extracts found in the tissues of bovine which offer nutrients and support to corresponding tissues of the human body. Moreover, in comparison to other companies, Standard Process state that their ingredients haven’t been disassociated into isolated compounds, thus the nutrients are delivered in a complete and intact way.

Standard Process Cataplex GTF Ingredients

Standard Process Cataplex GTF contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Niacin, Chromium and a Proprietary Blend containing bovine liver, nutritional yeast, dried buckwheat (leaf), buckwheat (seed), bovine pancreas, Cytosol extract, inositol, L-cysteine hydrochloride, bovine adrenal Cytosol extract, and oat flour.

Product Features

Standard Process Cataplex GTF represents a product that supports healthy blood sugar levels that are already within normal ranges, thus promoting healthy cholesterol. It contains a series of ingredients such as minerals, vitamins and glandulars like L-cysteine, buckwheat and bovine pancreas extract which offer help to the organism in order to maintain its normal glucose levels.

Another ingredient of Cataplex GTF is chromium whose active compound is chromium III. Although other forms of chromium possess an electric charge that is repelled by the cells and makes the entry into cells of high difficulty, chromium III is easily absorbed by the organism. On the other hand, there are certain studies that consider it to be a “poor choice as nutritional supplement” even though it focuses on treating chrome deficiency. There are some opinions that claim this component as an aid for reducing insulin resistance, specifically in people that have diabetes. A meta-analysis showed that there is no association between insulin or glucose concentration and chromium III.

There was a study that was conducted in 2009 and found no significant relevance between chromium III and insulin sensitivity and additionally no serum lipids or weight levels were affected by its usage. Even though it might not have effect on healthy people, there usually is positive impact in diabetes. Standard Process Cataplex GTF is often regarded as safe when used for less than six months, but there are some unwanted side-effects on long-term periods which include headaches, mood changes, impaired thinking and dizziness.

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  • Proven reliable results in people and animals suffering from diabetes
  • Contains a set of ingredients with known individual properties that range from vitamins to herbal extracts like buckwheat
  • Most of the online feedback is positive


  • On manufacturer official webpage there is no customer support, but a number and an address
  • No international shipment form the manufacturer, thus people from outside America have to seek on other retailers
  • Might not have a considerable effect on people that are healthy


Advertised as a formula particularly chosen to maintain healthy blood lipid and blood sugar levels in the human body, Standard Process Cataplex GTF contains a series of components with individually known and tested qualities. It proved effective in treating animals or people that suffer from diabetes. On the other hand, there is some research that claims its possible ineffectiveness in healthy people due to its ingredients. Further studies are required in order to consider its positive effects on general levels. Vegans and vegetarians can’t take advantage of this formula because it has animal extracts. All in all, Standard Process Cataplex GTF represents an complex, economical, and easily absorbable supplement compared to similar others.

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Standard Process Cataplex GTF ReviewBR Publishing3.752016-05-22 12:09:31
Standard Process Cataplex GTF Review
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    I began taking this in conjunction with Catalyn 2140 & Cholaplex. Within a few days I’m now having violent stomach spasms & diarreah. I feel it’s due to these soups. Feedback, please?