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Standard Process Cataplex E Review
Standard Process Cataplex E Review

PUBLISHED: 02/13/2013 by breditor
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Standard Process Cataplex E

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Standard Process Cataplex E is a homeopathic remedy introduced in 1934 that concentrates on providing cellular support while also maintaining the health of the thyroid. The supplement was created by Standard Process, a worldwide known nutritional company that has more than eighty years of experience.

Even though the company initially began in Texas, United States, it later expanded to other countries from American territory. Their products are categorized in three major lines that are: Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, Standard Process whole food supplementsm and MedHerb. In addition, they claim that each one of their products directly linked with the business is done in accordance to FDA requirements. Their portfolio currently features more than three hundred products.

Standard Process Cataplex E is claimed to offer positive effects when it comes to human body general health by offering a powerful antioxidant defense, enhancing functions of the thyroid and improving the immune system. Its positive effects rely on a combination between Vitamin E and Selenium whose properties are most of the times confirmed by those who have tried it The percentage of Vitamin E and Selenium based on a two thousand calories diet is somewhere around the number fifteen.

Even though the manufacturer claims no Standard Process Cataplex E side effects, people should pay attention at the label dosages while following the treatment.

Standard Process Cataplex E Ingredients

Standard Process Cataplex E includes the following ingredients: Selenium and Vitamin E.

Product Features

Because the research that was conducted on both human and animal bodies revealed an increased requirement for antioxidants that usually lack or are too few on a daily diet, most of the nutritional companies began to create remedies that offer nutritional support in order to determine an optimal body functioning. One of these remedies is Standard Process Cataplex E. By basing its possible effects on a combination between a vitamin and a mineral, this supplement also desires to support cell signals and regulation of gene expression.

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties due to the fact that it has the quality to neutralize free damaging radicals, hence preventing them from destroying sensitive parts of the cells such as membranes. Particularly, this quality is used most of the time for anti-aging both for internal as well as external use. Feedback offered by consumers showed that it can have a key role when it comes to treatment or prevention of some medical conditions such as: asthma, infertility, atherosclerosis, some forms of cancer, diabetes and peripheral vascular disease.

An interesting aspect of vitamin E is that it can help enhance sexual function, thus providing help for people suffering from infertility. Because this vitamin is only soluble in alcohol and fats, the intestinal absorption is around thirty percent. This is the why people with some medical conditions like celiac diseases or pancreatic diseases or old people don’t properly absorb this vitamin, thus deficiencies occur.

The daily recommended intake of Standard Process Cataplex E is two tablets per meal, but the manufacturer advises to seek an opinion of a medical doctor for more serious issues.

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  • Its price is affordable, ranging from $19 to a maximum of $30, depending on the retailer
  • Its core ingredients have been clinically tested and most of the people who have tried this combination reported beneficial results


  • There is no international shipping or money-back guarantee policy
  • The manufacturer doesn’t offer free samples, thus potential clients can’t try the product before purchasing it and only have to base their decision on reviews or label description


Due to people unhealthy diets and lack of exercising, the body is requiring some type of supplementation that may help it cope events of stressful daily lives. This is the reason for which Standard Process designed Cataplex E, a remedy based on a combination of a mineral and a vitamin that should help the body deal with the cellular destruction done by the radicals, therefore enhancing the activity of systems like respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous, while also protecting tissues. Overall, it represents a good alternative for those who don’t suffer from serious ailments or illnesses. Those with long-term serious problems are advised to consult a medical doctor to see if Standard Process Cataplex E can indeed prove effective for them.

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Standard Process Cataplex E Review
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    Geraldine Marquez

    I take Cataplex E every spring and autumn to build my immunity and for it’s powerful antioxidant properties. I rarely catch a cold, and when it happens, I’m back on my feet in a couple of days. I used to be a sickly person by nature, so I’m more than happy with the effects.