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Standard Process Catalyn Review
Standard Process Catalyn Review

PUBLISHED: 02/26/2013 by BR Publishing
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Standard Process Catalyn

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Standard Process Catalyn is advertised as a remedy that features whole food sources in combination with vital nutrients created to fulfill the nutritional gaps daily diets. It is offered in form of chewable capsules that have the taste of cherries.

The company responsible for designing this product is named Standard Process and was founded in 1929 in the United States. It currently distributes around three hundred products that are divided into three main categories which go by the names of Standard Process whole food supplements, Standard Process Veterinary Formulas, and MediHerb. Its establisher, Dr. Royal Lee states that from his perspective, the ingredient’s source used in dietary products is more considerable than the quantity.

Standard Process Catalyn concentrates on keeping the quality of the heart, hair, and skin by sustaining the metabolism. The supplement was supposedly made in a healthy ecosystem in which there were only organic farming techniques such as fertilizing the soil with nutrient-rich cover crops, rotating crops and practicing weekend-controls. These aspects combined with their manufacturing processes which are done under high-vacuum and low-temperature drying techniques provide the nutritional potential and enzymatic vitality of the components that aren’t divided into isolated compounds. However, their statements haven’t been yet confirmed by the Food and Drug Association.

Standard Process Catalyn Ingredients

Standard Process Catalyn contains the following ingredients: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 and a Proprietary Blend containing cherry powder, defatted wheat (germ), carrot (root), calcium lactate, nutritional yeast, bovine adrenal, bovine liver, magnesium citrate, bovine spleen, dried alfalfa (whole plant), soybean lecithin, pea (whole plant), and rice (bran).

Product Features

Standard Process Catalyn represents a product added on the nutritional market by Standard Process in 1997. Since is beginning, the majority has reported satisfying results. Considering the high demands of today’s society, it was for people who lead busy or stressful lives. It is a multivitamin blend also featuring low amounts of other components that are usually found in homeopathic remedies like pea or soybean lecithin.

One of its main ingredients is Vitamin A that works as an antioxidant for the organism and is important for growth. It is generally used to prevent or treat Vitamin A deficiency that may occur in people with diabetes, over-active thyroid fever, protein deficiency cystic fibrosis or a condition called abetalipoproteinemia. Some research showed that it may also be reliable in reducing complications of illnesses like diarrhea or measles. Regarded as likely safe when taken in amounts smaller than 10 units per day, this ingredient may lead to serious side-effects if used on long-term marked which include anorexia, stomach discomfort, irritability, vomiting, nausea, and mental changes. Due to this, it’s advised to always check the label on products which contains vitamin A in order to avoid a possible excess.

In addition, there are some ovine and bovine extracts found in this remedy that should help sustain corresponding tissues of the body.

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  • Most of the client feedback is positive and people have reported that this supplement has helped them with common colds and sinus infections
  • The manufacturer has more than eighty years of experience on the nutritional market
  • Standard Process Catalyn is a multivitamin blend combined with some extracts that help the absorption


  • No FDA approval on any of the manufacturer statements
  • People from outside US may only order from retailers
  • People should be really careful with the dosages because an excess of Vitamin A can have serious side-effects


Promoted as a dietary supplement which aims to fill the gaps that appear due to an improper daily diet of busy or stressed people, Standard Process Catalyn represents a multivitamin blend mixed with some plant and animal extracts meant to enhance the vitamin absorption. Online client reviews include help with prevention and treatment of colds and sinus infections as well as improved energy levels for daily activities. It is often viewed as a side-effect free remedy, but only if the label dosages respected and there is no excess. High amounts of this supplement can determine unwanted effects and the usage should be immediately ended if any of them appears.

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Standard Process Catalyn Review
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