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Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review
Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review

PUBLISHED: 08/17/2015 by BR Publishing
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Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly

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Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is a high density nutrient secreted by worker bees as special food for Queen Bees. Employed over the ages as a general health tonic and immune system fortifier, the substance is cultivated by Stakich Inc, a U.S. based producer with an impressive 90 years of tradition and experience in the manufacturing of bee products, dietary supplements, and herbal extracts.

While the FDA and its European counterpart did not restrict usage, studies documenting its advantages for human subjects remain to be conducted. Nonetheless, as a central ingredient in Euro-Asian traditional medicine, royal jelly is known for alleviating PMS or menstrual symptoms, its benefits in high cholesterol management, but also for fighting effects of aging, such as wrist pain. Advertised as 100% pure and fresh collected, Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is also indicated in the treatment of skin disorders, asthma, diseases related to the liver, kidney, pancreas and stomach, as well as when dealing with insomnia.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is a reasonably priced supplement for the quality offered – the substance is not processed in any way, neither is it combined with bee’s wax for longer conservation. Consequently, it is advisable to store and preserve in a freezer or refrigerator, allowing the jelly to maintain its bioactive properties. The product is available for purchase both on the company website, stakich.com, and through several retailers.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Ingredients

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly includes the following ingredients: 100% royal jelly.

Product Features

The Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is used to counter-act a multitude of health conditions due to the traces of vitamins and minerals inherent to the substance. However, serious clinical studies have not yet been conducted, meaning that it may not be helpful for everyone using it.

From a nutritional perspective, besides vitamin B5 and B6, the substance has a noticeable amount of fatty acids, around 5%, encouraging its use in the treatment of high cholesterol. Although lacking robust research, multiple studies in this direction have successfully indicated a lowering of triglyceride and lipoprotein levels, meaning that there is a high probability for Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly to help manage elevated cholesterol numbers. In a bee colony, the larvae constantly fed with royal jelly end up developing into Queen Bees, insect specimens with an increased longevity by as much as threefold the normal life expectancy, as well as with elevated levels of fertility. Therefore, human use for the purpose of fertility and longevity was also promoted, but the observational studies conducted rated the effects unreliable, as well as difficult to predict.

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly customer reviews and testimonials from the manufacturer’s website and Amazon indicate a rate of satisfaction that exceeds 90%, with special mentions for attention to delivery conditions, since the substance must be kept in a cool place in order to maintain its effectiveness. For people with allergies to bee products, pregnant women or nursing mothers, it is highly advised to contact a healthcare specialist before taking Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly. The manufacturer recommended dose is a 5th of a teaspoon daily, to be mixed in with honey or into smoothies if the taste proves to be too distinct.

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  • Fresh and natural, it offers great product quality for its selling price.
  • Traditional medicine attests to its usefulness for the immune system and numerous benefits for various conditions.
  • Good source of vitamin B5 and B6.
  • Low levels of sugar in its composition.
  • Some studies proved its constructive use when managing cholesterol levels, as well as PMS and menopausal symptoms.


  • Lack of robust clinical research to prove its constructive use.
  • Cannot be used by people with allergies to bee products.
  • Caution is advised for usage when pregnant or nursing.
  • Distinct taste.


As a dietary supplement that does not come with attested medical research, Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is not a product that will change your life completely. Still, due to its 100% organic ingredients and packaging while still fresh from harvest, side effects are completely out of the picture except for extremely rare cases. As such, using it for one of its commonly employed purposes might prove to be worth it, particularly since it is a natural product.

In addition, the fatty acids in its composition will help raise your HDL, or good cholesterol, making up for at least one strong reason to try out Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly and benefit first-hand from the wisdom of traditional medicine. Furthermore, the reliable source of vitamin B5 and B6 will support your metabolism, help your body produce fatty acids on its own and keep glucose levels optimal.

All in all, Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly has everything it needs to become useful in a multitude of conditions, as well as improve general health, but to what degree this will be achieved is still debatable.

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Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is a high density nutrient secreted by worker bees as special food for Queen Bees. Employed over the ages as a general h…

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly ReviewBR Publishing42016-04-24 12:09:31

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly is a high density nutrient secreted by worker bees as special food for Queen Bees. Employed over the ages as a general h…

Stakich Fresh Royal Jelly Review
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