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Source Naturals Relora Review
Source Naturals Relora Review

PUBLISHED: 01/14/2014 by BR Technical
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Source Naturals Relora

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Source Naturals Relora is a dietary supplement offered as a solution to relieve stress induced eating and common symptoms of particular mood disorders caused by a stressful lifestyle. The formula is marketed by Source Naturals, an American company founded in 1982. The manufacturer is specialized in developing nutritional supplements based on high quality ingredients. They claim to be one of the innovators in the industry of dietary foods and list several award-winning formulations that underline their devotion to creating superior nutrition (Wellness Formula, Life Force Multiple, Higher Mind, etc.). The company seems to enjoy a good reputation among consumers of nutritional supplements.

This product is based on the therapeutic effects of a patented-pending herbal blend and the mineral Calcium. The plant based proprietary formula is known as the Relora extract and is a trademark of Next Pharmaceuticals. Complete information about this compound is available on the official site of its developer.

Source Naturals Relora is designed to help adults interested in trying a natural approach to fight against daily stress negative consequences. The formula is not intended to be used by individuals who are already under prescription medication (especially those who take antidepressant drugs). The formula may impair with the ability to drive or operate heavy machinery due to a common side effect reported (drowsiness).

Source Naturals Relora Ingredients

Source Naturals Relora contains the following ingredients: Calcium, Relora, Dibasic Calcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Silica, and modified cellulose gum.

Product Features

Source Naturals Relora features a synergistic combination of herbal extracts and Calcium.

Relora combines the health benefits of 2 Chinese medicinal plants, namely Phellodendron amurense and Magnolia officinalis. Relora’s benefits seem to mainly focus on alleviating stress and curb-related eating (as resulted from several clinical trials). Both plant extracts featured by this blend are believed to be effective in calming a part of the brain called the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis. The benefits of the proprietary blend seem to come from its ability to regulate cortisol levels. This is a hormone secreted by the body when physical or emotional stress occurs. However, when excess of cortisol takes place due to the body’s inability to regulate its levels, a large number of negative processes may occur. A number of unwanted side effects result from these processes, such as: increased risk of infections, high blood pressure, bone system disorders (osteoporosis), diabetes, increased appetite leading to weight problems (fat deposits particularly in the abdominal area), and depression.

The symptoms associated with depression usually manifest as increased irritability, insomnia, anxiety, nervousness, emotional ups and downs, etc. The active substances from Relora are advertised as shown to reduce symptoms associated with stress including food cravings, and to promote relaxation, increase the sense of well-being, and improve the quality of sleep. One of the conditions for which the formula is most prescribed is anxiety. Common side effects of Relora are: dry mouth, reduced blood pressure, and drowsiness. More serious but rather uncommon adverse reaction may manifest as thyroid and sexual dysfunction, hand tremors or heartburn.

Source Naturals Relora has received generally positive reviews from consumers who report better sleep patterns, reduced tension, healthier eating patterns and reduced cravings, and calming effects. The negative testimonials report the occurrence of mild allergies (as rashes) or the absence of any noticeable benefit. The formula also seems to be endorsed by Dr. Oz, a reputable doctor and popular TV host.
The suggested dose is 1 tablet three times a day with or without meals.

Sale Price: $53.95

Free Trial* Available: No

Store: Amazon

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  • A month supply comes at a rather affordable price
  • The formula is well received by the great majority of consumers
  • The active ingredients are scientifically researched (with positive results in terms of effectiveness and lack of side effects)
  • A full list of online retailers is available on the official site


  • Source Naturals Relora can only be purchased via retailers
  • There is no money back guarantee or free trial available
  • The supplement is not researched as such, but the Relora blend seems to have been the subject of several studies
  • The manufacturer doesn’t mention the common side effects associated with Relora


In terms of composition, Source Naturals Relora is not a unique supplement. The main active extract is a common ingredient of dietary supplements designed to promote healthy weight management and stress support. Relora has become increasingly popular due to various scientific studies that support its effectiveness in alleviating symptoms of depression and promoting healthier eating habits. The lack of any potentially dangerous side effect is believed to be another important advantage of this ingredient. However, human studies are rather limited and given the fact that Relora has antidepressant and antihistamine properties, it is best to avoid its consumption together with other sedative medication (prescription drugs, plant-based supplements, etc.).

Source Naturals Relora is not recommended for the use of children. The manufacturer does not mention anything about the presence of artificial substances and allergens in the formula, but some consumers have complained about skin rashes caused by this product. As with all dietary supplements, it is advisable to ask a healthcare professional before using the formula.

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