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Somnolin Review
Somnolin Review

PUBLISHED: 07/23/2013 by brreader
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Somnolin has been developed by a company called Metagenics, which was founded in the year of 1983 through the great minds of people with knowledge and research ability regarding genes and their usefulness. They have the necessary data which comes from the study of genes in foods, which will ultimately result in a greater understanding of what we need and how much. Also, in the creation process of a product, they research every ingredient individually and potentate its effectiveness through special formulas.

This supplement has been made especially for the people who have a hard time when it comes to sleep, as this happens from a lot of reasons and factors, such as a non active lifestyle or draining environment, which can ultimately lead to permanent exhaustion, leaving the person powerless.

Somnolin contains different vitamins which contribute to a better brain function, and also provide a state of relaxation, through Theanine, which improves the serotonin and dopamine levels, associated with relaxation and happiness. Not only that you will be able to sleep, but your ability to think better and faster will be increased to a new level, and as everyone knows, if you can get some good night rest, your whole body will improve and perform at a higher standard.

Somnolin Ingredients

Somnolin contains the following ingredients: Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, L-5-Hydrooxytryptophan, L-Theanine, microcrystalline cellulose, cellulose, stearic acid (vegetable), croscarmellose sodium, and silica.

Product Features

The formulation of this supplement is generally made from multi-vitamins, which contribute to several functions of the body, and their proper performance. Somnolin contains Vitamin B12, which is essential for our body, as it improves your immune system, it can cure brain disorders or depression. In this case, the vitamin is stated to have been has been genetically enhanced to provide the best results for sleep difficulties. Your skin will also benefit, the aging process will be slowed, and the main action of this key vitamin is related to a normal development of the brain and nerves, along with other functions.

L-Theanine is another ingredient featured in this supplement, which can improve your cardiovascular capacity and performance, along with the most important effect, relaxation without the lethargy which comes along when using other products. Theanine is able to provide a great state of peacefulness, and it also has immunologic properties, which makes it a must have in many products.

There have not been reported any side effects of Somnolin, neither on the product label, nor even by customers, as the safety of all their products has been increased. Even so, please refrain from using this supplement and other medicine at the same time, as the side-effects are yet unknown, and consider going to a health-care practitioner in order to prevent any other issue regarding the use of supplements.

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  • This supplement is able to provide some great help regarding the ability to rest properly
  • It has an impact on the serotonin and dopamine levels, which are associated with a state of relaxation and happiness
  • It can be purchased online very easy and securely and it has a good quality money-back guarantee
  • It does not contain any artificial stimulants or caffeine


  • Somnolin might interfere with any other medicine if used at the same time
  • There have not been many studies regarding its side effects


Somnolin was developed by Metagenics, a company which provides people with quality supplements, and they believe in the technology which seems to never cease to improve. They are able to modify the genes within ingredients, which can result in an enhancement for the overall product. People really have been helped by Somnolin, in order to regain the ability to sleep deep and rest their crowded minds. There are other alternatives available on the market, such as sleep pills, but they bring some new side effects on the table, and since Metagenics has been able to increase the efficiency and safety of their supplements, this product can be considered a good option. Before use, please consult a healthcare practitioner.

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Somnolin Review
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