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Snore Control Review
Snore Control Review

PUBLISHED: 12/20/2016 by BR Publishing
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Snore Control

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Snore Control is a water based oral spray for people with snoring problems, including slow labored breathing and stuffy nose. It’s sold by the 27 year old company KingBio. They’re located in Asheville, North Carolina, and focus on homeopathic products. They use standard Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) which many reputable companies also use. KingBio sells a wide variety of products which may be able to meet a similarly wide variety of needs. Not all of their products have been properly scientifically tested, though, so keep an eye out for disclaimers.


Snore Control contains the following ingredients: Bromium, Chamomila, Cinchona, Cuprum met, Helleborus niger, Laurocerasus, Nux vom, Phoaphoricum ac, Rhus toxicondendron, Silicea, Stramonum, Zinc met. Equal Volumes of each ingredient in a Bio-Energetically Enhanced pure water base: 10x, 30x, & LM1 potencies.

Product Features

Snore Control mostly has water, probably 99.9 percent or more. It claims to also have diluted versions of 12 other ingredients. This includes Cuprum metallicum, Phosphoricum acidum, Rhus toxicodendron, Stramonium, and Zincum metallicum. Stramonium refers to Datura stramonium, a plant with many names, including Jimson weed and Devil’s snare. It’s a part of the famous nightshade family. Every portion of Datura stramonium is toxic, and careless use of it can easily result in death. In traditional Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine it has been used to treat asthma symptoms, and later it was used as an anti-inflammatory and burn salve. The plant can also cause intense hallucinations when used in certain near-fatal concentrations. American Indians used Datura stramonium in some spiritual rituals. It has also been used in Voodoo.

Cuprum metallicum is the natural form of the element copper. In homeopathy it’s dissolved with lactose sugar, ground into a fine powder, then heavily diluted and filtered with water. It can allegedly help with respiratory problems, coughing, and joint pain. It’s rarely prescribed and long term use can lead to significant problems, depending on the concentrations of Cuprum metallicum in whichever product you’re taking. Likewise, Zincum metallicum is simply zinc, a common mineral in multivitamin supplements. It’s chemically similar to magnesium. Copper is not used in modern medicine except to treat copper deficiency, which is rare because the element is present in common foods. Zinc is more useful because it may help protect your eyes, skin, and immune system; it may also function as an indirect antioxidant.

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  • No alcohol, glycerin, or sugar. This product uses well-purified water as its base.
  • The company claims to sell “all natural medicines without side effects” and this mostly appears true.


  • No evidence that homeopathic medicine is effective in any way, other than potentially providing a placebo effect.
  • The company website says this product has not been clinically tested.


This is mostly purified water, so it’s bound to be safe. People of all ages will be able to use this product without worrying about side effects. It’s not entirely clear how much of each “active ingredient” is really inside this product. Despite the company’s lengthy history, there are almost no independent testimonials (such as customer reviews) about the usefulness of their products. On the surface, it doesn’t appear that this product can make a big difference in your life. But when all other solutions fail, give it a try.

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