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Smoke Eze Oral Spray Review
Smoke Eze Oral Spray Review

PUBLISHED: 02/25/2013 by BR Technical
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Smoke Eze Oral Spray

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Marketed as a homeopathic formulation, Smoke Eze Oral Spray is designed to reduce the craving for tobacco and help bring relief from stress and anxiety usually associated to the process of quitting smoking. The product is manufactured by an experienced Australian company called Brauer. The formula is available in the form of an oral spray and may be used as an adjuvant while quitting smoking. The manufacturer fails to bring any clear evidence to support the benefit claims made in its advertising message, however the product is well appreciated by its customers.

Brauer claims to be the leading brand of natural homeopathic products in Australia, with an extensive market experience of more than 15 years. The company is committed to playing a significant and essential role in improving their clients’ state of health by providing them with high quality products. Brauer currently markets a comprehensive product range which includes numerous natural remedies designed to assist with various health conditions and diseases, ranging from aches and pains stress, allergies, insomnia, to colds and flu, and various childhood ailments. The company’s distributor’s network comprises more than 2,000 retailers all across Australia.

Smoke Eze Oral Spray is designed for the use of adults trying to quit smoking.

Smoke Eze Oral Spray Ingredients

Smoke Eze Oral Spray contains the following ingredients: Smoke Eze Oral Spray includes the following ingredients: equal parts of: Caladium seguinum (American arum) 3C, Daphne indica (Spurge laurel) 3C, Ignatia (St Ignatius bean) 6C, Passiflora (Passion flower) 3C, and Tabacum (Tobacco leaf) 6C.

Product Features

Smoke Eze Oral Spray is a homeopathic formula against the cravings and anxiety and stress symptoms associated to quitting smoke. Smoke Eze Oral Spray includes homeopathic ingredients combined in equal parts in a diluted combination. The manufacturer claims that the ingredients are traditionally used to reduce tobacco cravings.

The benefits of Passiflora are well recognized by the medical world, although there aren’t that many published research studies to support them. It works as a sedative, tranquilizer and has mild sedative effects. It is used in many forms to help balance both the physical and mental states and re-instate natural equilibrium. It may be effective in alleviating insomnia and may relieve physical symptoms of conditions such as PMS or muscle pain among others.

Daphne indica or Spurge laurel is commonly used in homeopathic anti-smoking formulations. It is recognized for its properties in reducing tobacco cravings and feelings of anxiety and restlessness that go with them. Not much is known on how the plant acts to promote relaxation and reduce restlessness.

The manufacturer recommends using the formula under the tongue, in a dose of 4 sprays per day, every half an hour for up to 4 doses. Thereafter, it should be administered once every 4 hours while tobacco cravings persist. There is a limited number of consumer testimonials posted online, hence a clear conclusion toward the formula’s effectiveness cannot be drawn. Homeopathy as a medicinal system is controversial and many say it works no better than a placebo.

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  • The formula is available in the form of an easy-to-apply spray
  • This is a homeopathic, natural remedy


  • The manufacturer provides no evidence to support the benefit claims
  • There is no information regarding how much a 20 ml spray is designed to last for
  • There is a limited number of consumer testimonials


Homeopathy has its roots in the year 1796 with claims that a substance which causes the symptoms of a disease in healthy people is in fact able to treat similar symptoms in sick people. Its validity is often ignored or a subject of debate in the medicinal world, however it enjoys a great deal of popularity. Smoke Eze Oral Spray is designed to assist with smoking quitting and withdrawal symptoms (including anxiety and stress). Without providing further evidence to support these claims, the formula delivers a mix of herbal ingredients through an under-the-tongue spraying system. You should always talk to your doctor about the best strategy to adopt when deciding to quit smoking, so that your chances for success are maximized.

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